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Restaurants have been a go to for many especially if in a hurry and one does not have time to cook or for any other reason. They have also served many purposes apart from the named above. For some time, they have been growing in popularity due to their recent luxury feel. have been able to generate a list of the best restaurants you should visit in Los Angeles

The Edmon

It considered by many as posh restaurant with not having the usual price tag. They have a nice bar with a warm and inviting interior, not forgetting the grassy courtyard that most of the clients visiting here like a lot. 

Petty Cash Taqueira and Bar

According to a magazine done by experts they uncovered that they are well equipped to cater for a large group of people visiting there facility at once, this also accounts for their packing area. They have great staff too which make sure that all their clients feel at home and relaxed. 


They are well known for their homemade and fresh dishes. It started as a pantry shop for jams and nut butters and after some years the owners decide to put up a restaurant. Their main aim is to cook delicious but also healthy foods for their clients.


To some this facility may not only feel like a restaurant. His is so as it arouses a different feeling altogether of both happiness and being comfort at the same time. it consists of a restaurant, an Italian  butcher shop, cafes and a market place as uncovered by


In the recent award ceremony, this restaurant received an award for being the best in Los Angeles. This has made their following to grow significantly. The best thing most of the clients love about this facility is that the staff helps one choose the best wine that goes well with the particular food one is eating.

Zinc Café Market and Bar

A survey done by experts uncovered that his facility I s known for having the best vegetable in the whole of the vast region. They also have a pantry that has a lot of local foods and treats that one can enjoy at home.

Bowery Bungalow

They are open from Wednesday to Sunday as from 6pm-11pm. They may not be the best but they rank among the top 50 best restaurants one may want to eat in in the whole of Los Angeles as experts at uncovered. 

Wanderlust creamery

They provide wonderful international ice cream flavors fast and also not forgetting that the ice cream is fresh. They try new flavors day in day out basing, mainly on the different flavors all over the world. By doing this the products they offer have a lighter sweetness and they taste subtle.

CUT by Wolfgang Puck

They have luxurious yet casual vibes thus making it the best facility to visit especially of you are a steak fun. They have the tastiest stake, thus ranking among the best steakhouses in the whole of USA.

Din Tai Fung

According to, they have the best dim sum ever. They also offer vegan dishes that are also very tasty too. Located along 10250 Santa Monica Boulevard it is a place to visit and have the best time of your life.


This special restaurant has specialized in the making of exotic foods, putting more emphasis on Mexican food. This restaurant in Saint Monica will surprise anyone who visits as the menu includes comfort light fare like for example raw seafood bar and gluten free meals.


Opening hours are from 4pm-1am on Mondays to Wednesdays, while Thursdays and Fridays its 4pm-2am, then on Saturdays it is from 10am-3:30pm and finally on Sundays it is open from 10am-1am. The best thing about this facility is that it has a good view as it is situated on the 15th floor.   

Portos Bakery

Uncovered by experts, they have the best pastries. Some speculate that they are the best in the whole of Los Angeles. One of the things that make them stand out is that they can be able to ship. Their clients are now able to enjoy their delicious food from almost anywhere.


The have a great wine selection that is very unique. They have a way of matching food and wine perfectly for all their clients to get the best experience. For desert you can be able to order Thai Tea pudding for desert.

Fia Steak

According to a survey done by experts, it uncovered that many of the clients coming here consider this to be a steak palace. They have the best stakes in the market while also having various options to choose from on how you want your stake to be.

Belles Beach House 

It offers the experience of a lifetime as it has a beach house vibe which is timeless and also top it all off they offer Japanese inspired menus like for example Sushi Platters, Karaage chicken nuggets, cheese burgers among many more.

Jyaan Isaac Bread

It is owned by a man named Jyaan Isaac, who is very experienced in what he does. He mainly focuses on well-sourced flour, sourdough leavening and a tight menu of other beautifully baked morning masterpieces.

Ramen Nagi pointed out that they have been able to draw massive lines of people. The main dish that intensively brings out this great number of people is the Umami Tonkotsu bowls and with Ramen fans waiting for black garlic infused broth.

Tatel Beverly Hills

This is Spanish spot situated along 453N Canon Dr Beverly Hills, CA. the mid-century décor couples well with the class it has been able to build over the years. It is co-owned by Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Nadal.      

Viva Modern Taqueria experts point out that despite them lacking a full liquor license, there are liquor based cocktails to help wash down the great exotic foods offered here. It is considered the best in and around Los Angeles.