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Medical industry keeps on evolving through the introduction of new methods of treating some of the common ailments in the body as uncovered by This is where acupuncturists come in to play, they use new and innovative ways of healing some of the disorders that have been troubling mankind for some time now. have been able to compile a list of the best acupuncturists in New York city.

Abachi acupuncture and herb clinic

It has been working hand in hand with, due to their expert advice and their great marketing strategies. This is a chronic pain focused facility, mainly located in the flatiron district, New York. They have the best board certified doctor with a lot of experience and expertise in the industry.

NYC acupuncture +wellness

According to a survey done by, NYC acupuncture team combines techniques from Japan, Korea and China to make sure their patients get the best kind of services. Their services include treatment of acute or chronic pain in the neck, headaches, migraines among others.

Gotham holistic

It is an integrated wellness that is able to serve the clients in New York and its environs. point out that, it offers some services in acupuncture, chronic, and acute pain treatment also not forgetting pre and post-natal support services. The founder, Kristin cheng has earned her certification from the national certification commission for acupuncture and oriental medicine.

16th street acupuncture

This is a New York wellness clinic that is licensed and owned by Erika Weber. Erika has been able to work hand in hand with to utilize their great expertise in marketing. 16th street is well praised with having the best staff members who are kind and offer treatment to a wide variety of conditions.

AB acupuncture

Since 2015, AB acupuncture has been offering services in pain relief and holistic care to patients. They are able to relieve migraines, anxiety, immune regulation, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia among many other conditions. For more information contact

Acupuncture bodywork PC

This is a New York city that has provided holistic health care ever since 2006. This is a special clinic, that specializes in sports and orthopedic conditions and path and management services offered.

Acupuncture remedies

It is a New York based clinic that was started by Iris Netzer, who has been in the practice for over 15 years. The clinic on the other hand offers numerous services including acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture among many other services. They also offer services in reproductive health especially on women.

Acuspira acupuncture PLLC has been able to work with Suzanne Stolzberg who is the founder of the acuspira acupuncture after leaving Spain. Some of the healing services they offer are breathe work, guasha, cupping among any others. More information is found at

Alban acupuncture

It is rated among the best in New York city. They have great services in electro acupuncture, Chinese herbs among many others. This clinic is owned and operated under licensed acupuncturist Joseph Alban who is board certified and has over 10 years of private practice experience.

Best acupuncture. NYC

This is a clinic based in the New York, servicing people in the area along with its environs. According to, they have been offering services like natural and effective treatments for patients suffering from neck pain, back pain, stress, depression, anxiety among other detoxification remedies since the year 2008. They have been known for having some of the best and effective results.

Center acupuncture

It is operated under licensed acupuncturist Dan Poreda. He offers a wide range of acupuncturist services including treating conditions like facial pain, hypertension nausea and vomiting. Also not forgetting that he also offers Chinese medicine services.

Comuni acupuncture

A survey done by, uncovered that this clinic was founded in the year 2008 and ever since then it has been able to offer services like cupping, smoking cessation, weight loss services, cosmetics, nutritional and herbal consultations just to name but  few.

Conscious health and wellness

They serve the New York and its surroundings. They have been great partners with to make a powerful combination especially when marketing their services. They place a high value on their customer’s satisfaction and health in general. The owner of this great facility has placed her interests in advancing her education on herbal medicine.

Dr. Philip Trigiani 

He is a New York certified acupuncturist who has specialized in orthopedic disorders, joint diseases and finally spinal cord injuries. He is named among the most experienced doctors as he has been in practice since 1992. He and his staff offer some of the best treatment options for allergy treatments, anxiety, headaches among other issues.

Enso acupuncture

Enso has been providing supplementary treatments to clients in New York city and its surroundings by the use of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. According to experts, the owner Brian Kelly and the staff of practitioners recommend the use of acupuncture sessions as a remedy for pain relief and fresh injuries.

Evolve health NYC

Founded in 2015, it has proved to be a force to be reckoned with. Nini Mai the owner has been in private practice ever since 2009, mainly doing his practice in Los Angeles and New York. According to panelists, they also offer services in nutritional counselling among other sensitive health topics.

Fifth avenue acupuncture and herbs center

Dr. Liang is the owner of fifth avenue, having a lot of experience in this sector. He offers services ranging from herbal services to acupuncture which is able to heal a large number of conditions.

Hima acupuncture

Hima acupuncture specializes in musculoskeletal pain, digestive disorders, fertility issues among other great and sensitive issues surrounding the human body. The practice has 2 offices, situated in New York in the Flatiron and midtown neighborhoods. The best thing about this service is that most major insurance plans are accepted.

Joyce acupuncture NYC

It is a wellness clinic that is operated on the basis of offering the best services to their clients. The owner Joyce Leung holds a Master of Science Degree in acupuncture and offers a wide range of acupuncture services. She also provides treatments for mental and emotional conditions.

Luke Hamilton acupuncture

Luke is a New York based acupuncturist holding a Master of Science Degree in acupuncture. He offers services ranging from medical massage, body alignment also not forgetting acupuncture.        

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