How to Find an Addiction Medicine Specialist Near Me? Top 20 Addiction Medicine Specialists in El Paso Texas

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How to Find an Addiction Medicine Specialist Near Me? Top 20 Addiction Medicine Specialists in El Paso Texas

Addiction medicine specialists have extensive experience and advanced training in the field of addiction medicine to evaluate, diagnose, and treat people who are struggling with substance use disorders. As captured at, their advanced training helps them conceptualize and understand the genetic and biopsychosocial, and spiritual manifestations of addiction and tailor treatments for patients. If you are looking for one near you in El Paso, Texas, here is a list of the top 20 addiction medicine specialists in the area to consider.

El Paso Addiction Treatment Advisors

This center offers high-quality facilities with an emphasis on holistic healing as described at It comprises top-rated addiction medicine specialists who are highly trained in techniques that have helped thousands of Americans get clean and stay clean.

MedMark Treatment Centers El Paso

MedMark Treatment Centers El Paso methadone clinic helps patients with opioid addiction. Its treatment center offers a range of services to address the different needs of its patients as they navigate the pathway to recovery, including the resources they require to overcome challenges and lead healthier lifestyles.

Sovereign Health of El Paso

This center recognizes that no two patients are the same, hence why its treatment programs are individualized and specialized to each patient’s unique set of needs for the best approach possible. As outlined at, it combines therapy with cognitive restructuring, education, and nutrition to ensure a well-rounded and sustained recovery for its patients.


AHX in El Paso, Texas has helped thousands of men and women recover and regain control of their lives. Its team identifies the specific program that is right for you based on your personal needs and preferences and will then provide you with focused and evidence-based treatments for your addiction.

Trinity Homeward Bound

Founded in 1980, Homeward Bound has helped more than 250,000 people move toward sobriety. It now serves 19 counties in North Texas, and 6 counties in Far West Texas, including El Paso. It is one of the largest, oldest, and most respected non-profit substance use disorder and mental health treatment agencies in Texas, and is renowned throughout the state for excellence.

Recovery Alliance

Recovery Alliance is dedicated to people in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction, including their families and community allies who support the recovery process as discussed at It has been serving the recovery community in west Texas since 1998, providing peer recovery support services since 2002.

Emergency Health Network

Through the EHN Substance Use Disorder Programs, clients receive treatment for addiction based on their individual needs. Treatment is provided in a confidential environment by a licensed chemical dependency counselor and can involve supported employment and help from peer support specialists who have lived experience with mental illness and/or substance use disorders.

El Paso Behavioral Health System

El Paso Behavioral Health System helps young people and their families learn to cope with behavioral problems, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and other mental health disorders as articulated at It also offers services to adults, seniors, women, and Military officers dealing with addiction.

Rio Vista Behavioral Health

Rio Vista Behavioral Health is a brand-new facility in El Paso providing a comprehensive suite of supports for individuals who are struggling with substance abuse. Its personalized treatment planning process is designed to ensure that you receive the services you need to achieve sobriety, and set the course for a successful recovery journey.


Aliviane in El Paso, Texas, has many services for children, youth, women, and adults grappling with addiction. The treatment center currently offers outpatient, residential, and opioid abuse treatment programs. Its women and children’s residential treatment program features women-only treatment, supportive services for their children, individualized therapy, medication management, and case management.

Insights Addiction Treatment Consultants

The Insight Program is a drug and alcohol treatment center designed for young people ages 13-25. It is committed to the idea that addiction to or dependence on alcohol and other drugs is a serious problem and should be treated as such as revealed at

Lakeridge Rehabilitation

Lakeridge Rehabilitation’s goal is to provide far more than just physical needs for its long-term care residents – it also strives to develop a personal relationship with each resident and family that it serves. It offers professional long-term care services as well as in-patient and out-patient therapy for those battling addiction.

Silver Coast Institute

Silver Coast Institute offers treatment for addiction that is completely customized around your needs and situation as described at It offers focused and balanced treatment that can bend to your needs and the requirements of your situation as it recognizes that no two people are alike and that no two addictions are alike.

New Leaf Wellness Center

New Leaf Wellness Center is a warm and comforting mental health and substance abuse treatment center in El Paso, Texas. It currently provides outpatient counseling with the primary goal to help you heal from your troubles by turning over a new leaf.

Lotus Opioid Rehab El Paso, Texas

Lotus aims to assist people struggling with opioid addiction by not only providing them with the best inpatient and outpatients drug rehab problems but also offering them with self-help tools as well as virtual and phone-based coaching for those in need of such services.

Cascade Drug Rehabilitation El Paso

Cascade Drug Rehabilitation offers a variety of programs and specialized therapy options to its patients as covered at Its licensed addiction medicine specialists and staff are also experienced in diagnosing and treating co-occurring disorders, as well as behavioral addictions.

Greenfield Behavioral Health

Whether you are struggling with addiction, for however long, this center will offer you whatever kind of treatment you require. It offers personalized and structured treatments that are based upon your specific needs and situation to enable you to overcome addiction for good.

Paradise Alcohol Detox El Paso

Paradise Alcohol Detox offers a variety of programs and specialized therapy options for people in El Paso, Texas, struggling with alcohol addiction. As per, it offers detox programs and inpatient alcohol treatment, an alcoholism recovery program, and so much more.

Northeast Fellowship

Northeast Fellowship is a private rehab facility located in El Paso, Texas, and it specializes in the treatment of mental health and substance abuse, opioid addiction, and alcoholism. Its programs include an adult program, a program for men, a program for women, as well as a young adult program.

Ministerio En Victoria

Ministerio En Victoria is a free Christian rehab center with locations in El Paso, Texas, Las Cruces, New Mexico, and Juarez, Mexico. Its rehab center is free and strives to help drug addicts and alcoholics in its communities transform their lives.

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