How to Find an Addiction Medicine Specialist Near Me? Top 20 Addiction Medicine Specialists in Seattle Washington

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How to Find an Addiction Medicine Specialist Near Me? Top 20 Addiction Medicine Specialists in Seattle Washington

Addiction medicine specialists provide prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment services for patients with substance use or substance-related health conditions, while also helping family members who are affected by a loved one’s substance use or addiction as explained at Here are the top 20 addiction medicine specialists in Seattle, Washington, in case you are looking for one near you in the area.

Sea Mar Turning Point Treatment Center

Sea Mar Turning Point Treatment Center is more than just a rehab facility; it is a leading provider of integrated and multidisciplinary health treatment as discussed at It prides itself in addressing some co-occurring issues in conjunction with the Community Member’s substance abuse.

Swedish Addiction Recovery

Swedish offers detoxification through Swedish Addiction Recovery. An experienced team of physicians, nurses, and counselors supervises and assists patients in its detoxification unit at Swedish Ballard. Detoxification services are carefully integrated with basic medical care and specialize in opiate or sedative/hypnotic medications and street drugs.

A positive Alternative

A Positive Alternative is an established and successful outpatient alcohol and substance abuse treatment center in Seattle, Washington. As per, it provides a unique and progressive approach to alcohol and chemical dependency treatment that is not based on the 12-step or AA model.

Northpoint Seattle

Northpoint was founded by a small group of recovering addicts whose lives were once spiraling downwards as they battled substance addiction. Its individualized recovery plans are designed to help patients avoid relapse and maintain long-term sobriety. It offers a complimentary mix of services to address each individual’s specific addiction, background, and mental health needs.

Oasis Recovery Center Seattle

The staff at this center is mindful of the countless hardships suffered every single day as a result of methadone addiction and substance abuse and provides an environment where all the focus can be primarily geared towards a successful and long-lasting recovery.

Golden Gates Center for Recovery Seattle

As an inpatient drug rehab and alcohol recovery center, this center makes sure that every treatment plant targets all the needs of the patient as revealed at Client-centered treatment options are made available to ensure that each individual receives the quality care that they deserve.

Lakeside Milam

Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers’ Seattle facility is an outpatient campus providing intensive outpatient and continuing care in the heart of the city. Since its inception in 1983, it has treated over 100,000 clients and their families and it is proud that its previous clients are its greatest source of patient referrals.

Sunrise Centers

A Washington state certified outpatient chemical dependency treatment center, Sunrise Centers offer DUI/drug and alcohol assessments, deferred prosecution, intensive outpatient and inpatient treatment, monthly aftercare, relapse prevention, early intervention, and so much more as captured over at


For nearly four decades, Alternatives has been providing hope and change in the heart of Seattle to those whose lives have been impacted by drugs and alcohol. It focuses on providing high-quality, personal outpatient services to guide people toward making healthy life choices.

Northbound Treatment Services

Northbound’s Seattle rehab center is a behavioral healthcare provider that specializes in substance abuse treatment for adults and young adults. It offers outpatient rehab and sober living facilities in Lower Queen Anne, Seattle. Licensed clinicians at its Seattle treatment center work closely with professional referral sources and together with family members and clients to determine the best level of care.

Addison Recovery

To ensure that you have the treatment that works for you and your unique situation, the treatment that is employed at Addison Recovery’s drug rehab center must be based on your personal needs as well as the focused and comprehensive structure of its esteemed addiction treatment facility network as articulated at

Genesis Addiction Recovery

When substance use affects your relationships, health, work, school, or finances, Genesis Addiction Recovery in Seattle, Washington, can help. Its team will help you identify signs of chemical dependency and develop skills for solving problems and making positive changes. Services offered here include its intensive outpatient group program, relapse prevention, continuing care, driver intervention, and a petty theft/shoplifting course.

Integrative Counseling Services

Integrative Counseling Services is a locally-owned behavioral health company founded in 2007 to provide high-quality addiction and mental health counseling services to Seattle-area youth and adults as discussed at Over the years, it has grown both its staff and its reputation as a sought-after outpatient treatment program where clinical practice is complemented with evidence-based clinical research.

New Traditions

New Traditions’ mission is to break the cycle of addiction by providing abstinence-based treatment that focuses on reconnecting mothers with themselves, their families, and their communities. Its program supports mothers in recovery by providing gender-based treatment, on-site childcare, and a multi-layered support network.

Matt Talbot Center

Established in 1985, the Matt Talbot Center is a recovery program and treatment center for people living with substance use disorders, homelessness, and mental illness. Located in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood, it offers hope, services, and support to individuals ready to commit to their recovery with an intensive clinical outpatient treatment program offered in a Christian context.

The Oasis Alcohol Detox

The board-certified team of addiction experts and therapists at The Oasis Alcohol Detox work very hard to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to newly discovered and innovative alcoholism recovery programs and treatment techniques that, when implemented, improve understanding and the ability to treat each of their patients most effectively as revealed at

UW Medicine Mental Health and Addiction Services at Harborview

Located three blocks from the main hospital at Harborview Medical Center, Mental Health and Addiction Services at Harborview provides integrated mental health and chemical dependency services in an outpatient setting. Services include crisis intervention, psychiatric evaluation, psychotherapy, group treatment, case management, and geriatric psychiatry services, as well as treatment for individuals for co-occurring chemical dependency.

CTC Counseling Services, LLC

CTC Counseling Services proudly provides fair and objective alcohol and drug assessments, family court assessments, inpatient treatment placement, self-exploration assessments, intervention services, alcohol drug information school, victims panels, and outpatient treatment as per

Valley Cities MATCH Program

The Medication-Assisted Treatment and Community Health (MATCH) program quickly and easily provides medication to propel with opioid-based substance use disorders, such as heroin or oxycodone users. Its services include education and care preparation, withdrawal management, coordination of primary and behavioral health care, medication, relapse prevention planning, etc.

Transitions Opioid Rehab Seattle

This center prides itself in its same-day quick and easy admissions process eliminating the hassle that other often run into when seeking help with substance abuse or mental health disorder causing high levels of suffering. Its addiction medicine specialists and therapists work extremely hard to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to newly discovered and innovative treatment techniques.

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