How to find an Amazon PPC Consultant

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How to find an Amazon PPC Consultant

Amazon PPCs are making a big splash on the online marketing scene and therefore you might need every help you can get for that edge that will make you stand out above the rest. An Amazon PPC consultant may just be what you need to help you optimize your campaigns, drive traffic to your ads and therefore increase sales and consequently profits. There are lots of companies offering these services, its therefore up to you to find the right consultant that will suit all your needs. This article will help you find out where you can find the right Amazon PPC consultant for you.

Exploiting the freelance market

It is now possible to find freelance experts on virtually every field due to the expanding of said industry. Freelance platforms will enable you to search for, with the relevant keywords, a great number of individuals well versed in this field. Freelance experts are also willing to work at prices lower than their counterparts attached to companies. Freelance consultants also have provided in their platforms their career profile, recent reviews and their ratings. This performance indices are obviously directly proportional to their charges, with the best rated being the costliest. Its therefore on you to decide on the best consultant for the best price according to your budget. There are other platforms which offer their consultants on hourly rates, this may also be something that may be interesting to you, paying hourly rather than based on other modes of payment.

Freelancer websites like Guru, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr among others are trusted sites where you can find quality freelance Amazon PPC consultants

On recommendation

It’s usually advisable to do research on your products before putting up a PPC campaign on Amazon. Part of this campaign involves doing research on rival or similar campaigns. You might take this opportunity to ask for a recommendation on quality Amazon PPC consultants they might have used or heard about in case you decide that you need such services. Recommendations may also come from friends, colleagues or anyone else you associate with who may have such knowledge. This is usually a very good avenue of finding a consultant as the person giving you the recommendation will be in a perfect position to give you their experiences with the consultant and what to expect from them

Using Amazon SEO and PPC consultant service websites

These are companies that offer said services professionally and whose services can be sought via their web addresses. Some of the well know companies include the following:

  • EStore Factory – these specialize in not only PPC but in SEO as well and therefore cover all bases for your Amazon needs. They are an excellent choice to help boost sales.
  • Wisitech – these are one of the industry’s leading service providers on matters Amazon PPC with years of experience to boot. They have an extensive team of experts to help with your Amazon PPC account. Their site is also well laid out to ensure you easily select the service you are after.
  • Thrive – these provide Amazon product optimization services to ensure that you have increased traffic and conversion rates.
  • Amazon SEO Experts – these will help your products rank better in Amazon by optimizing your listings. They additionally look to get you the best reviews possible and up your sales with the help of their business plan. They also deal with both SEO and PPC.
  • Viral Launch – they aim to maximise keyword ranking and conversions by optimising listings in a way that encourages the foregoing. Having launched 20,000 other products on their site, they have the requisite experience to help you in building the best Amazon product listing possible.

Searching on search engines

You can use search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo among others to enter the keywords of any services you would like to procure and Amazon PPC consultants is no exception. After doing your search it is then up to your judgement on which consultant or consultant agency or company you will choose. Factors such as location, pricing and level of expertise are also bound to be a deciding on who you go with.

Clicking on ads

Ironically you can, with the help of the appropriate keywords, click on the ads of and procure the services of people and companies in the field of Amazon PPC consultancy. This can be done on Amazon itself or any other ad platform available to you. The usual factors such as cost, quality of service and location come into play here.

Always though remember to look for the best deal possible when looking for an Amazon PPC consultant, compare prices with services offered and compare the prices of freelancers to those of companies. Taking all these into account will ensure the consultant you end up with is a perfect fit for you. The internet is full of scammers, be smart and do your research so as not to fall into their trap. Remember you can always learn more by visiting such sites as

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