How to Find an Audiologist Near Me? Top 20 Audiologists in El Paso Texas

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How to Find an Audiologist Near Me? Top 20 Audiologists in El Paso Texas

Audiologists are health care professionals who identify, assess, and manage disorders of hearing, balance, and other neural systems as articulated at They help to prevent, diagnose, and treat hearing and balance disorders for people of all ages. Here are the top 20 audiologists in El Paso, Texas, in case you are looking for one near you in the area.

El Paso Hearing Aid & Audiology Center

El Paso Hearing Aid & Audiology Center offers advanced hearing technology, personalized to match your lifestyle, degree of hearing loss, and budget. It has been serving El Paso and Southern New Mexico for 65 years as revealed at and is the place you want your loved one to go for hearing healthcare.

Tinnitus & Hearing Experts

Tinnitus & Hearing Experts is proud to serve patients in the Greater El Paso area. It employs the vast experience of experts in conjunction with modern technological methods to ensure the best possible outcome for its patients. Its team takes pride in its ability to offer a variety of treatment solutions, offering comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and hearing loss treatment solutions for families in the greater El Paso area.

Connect Hearing

Connect Hearing El Paso is part of a nationwide chain of convenient neighborhood hearing care centers. Its hearing care professionals are passionate about helping people to hear better, applying a consistent process to determine the best recommendations for your hearing health as articulated at

Livingstone Hearing Aid Center

Livingstone Hearing Aid Center’s mission is your hearing health. The team there understands that coming to terms with hearing loss and seeking help can feel overwhelming, which is why it provides competent and compassionate patient care.

El Paso ENT Associates

El Paso ENT Associates is the leading clinician office in El Paso specializing in all aspects of otolaryngology. It provides treatment for all types of conditions, including head and neck surgery, hearing loss surgery and treatment, as well as treatment for tinnitus.

Professional Hearing Aid Center

Professional Hearing is a clinic in El Paso, Texas, that is committed to providing patients with the best care possible through knowledge, compassion, and education on achieving healthy hearing. As outlined at, hearing care services offered here include hearing screenings, complete hearing tests, hearing aid evaluations, hearing aids, etc.

Mission Hearing Aid Center

Daniel Martinez, owner and Hearing Instrument specialist, founded Mission Hearing Aid Center based on his personal experience with hearing loss. Because of this, this center has a deeper understanding of hearing difficulties and how they affect the entire family than many of its competitors. It offers better hearing through education, technology, customer service, and value by offering high-quality hearing aids at affordable prices.

Southwest ENT Consultants

The team of doctors and audiologists at this practice strives to provide the most advanced and comprehensive ear, nose, and throat care available for all patients. As covered over at, Southwest ENT Consultants offers a wide range of services including hearing evaluations and hearing aid sales and service.

Audio Clinic

Audio Clinic’s vision is to be the best company in the region, helping people to hear better by repairing their hearing aids with minimum time and cost. Services offered here include adjusting hearing aids to make them more powerful, replacement of speakers and microphones, maintenance and deep cleaning, etc.

Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Center

Miracle-Ear believes each customer should be able to realize the full potential of their passions, relationships, and life, and is proud to be with them every step of the way. It specializes in hearing loss, tinnitus, hearing aid repairs, and so much more.

El Paso Children’s Hospital

The Brown Center for Audiology, Development & Learning offers audiology services to children in El Paso, Texas, and surrounding areas as discussed at It focuses on follow-up care for children with hearing loss while also providing a developmental home for the children for whom timely follow-up care may make the difference in success in life.

William Beaumont Army Medical Center

The Audiology Clinic at William Beaumont Army Medical Center offers a wide range of audiological services to eligible patients in El Paso, Texas. From walk-in hearing screenings to the diagnosis and treatment of tinnitus, it offers a wide range of services.

Beltone Hearing Aid Centers – El Paso

Beltone offers comprehensive hearing aid services; offering hearing aids for every lifestyle, budget, and type of hearing loss as captured at It offers incredible hearing technology with the latest features in a wide variety of styles, all available at affordable prices.

Cornerstone Audiology

Cornerstone Audiology is home to the most trusted hearing care experts in West Texas and has been voted the “Best of the West” for 7 years in a row. Whether you need to ask a question without any obligation or you are looking for hearing healthcare providers care for yourself or a loved one, this audiology clinic can help.

Patrick Buchanan

This is the audiology practice of board-certified audiologist, Dr. Patrick Buchanan, in El Paso, Texas. Its experienced audiologists provide comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and hearing loss treatment solutions to families in the greater El Paso area.

Accuquest Hearing Center

As is revealed in discussions on the same over at, Accuquest Hearing Center is located at 500 Doniphan Drive, El Paso, Texas, 79932. It offers services that span the entire continuum of audiology, from hearing aids and assistive devices to hearing loss rehabilitation, and treatment of tinnitus, and much more.

Lucid Hearing Center

Lucid Hearing Center is a leading hearing aid and hearing solutions supplier in El Paso, Texas. Its mission is to help people hear better and it does this by offering free hearing tests, and then decide which is the best course of action for you depending on your lifestyle and what your hearing needs are.

Hear on Earth Hearing Care Center

The team at Hear on Earth Hearing Care Center understands the impact that losing your hearing can have on your enjoyment of daily activities as well as relationships. According to, its dedicated and knowledgeable staff will work with you or your loved one to find a personalized hearing care solution that will fit your unique lifestyle.

Costco Hearing Aid Store

This store is located at 6101 Gateway Boulevard, W Suite #1, El Paso, Texas 79925-3430. It offers custom-molded hearing aids to fit almost completely in the ear canal for high levels of comfort. The center offers Costco value pricing for its hearing aids, remote services on select hearing aids, free product demonstrations, and so much more.

Aparatos Auditivos AUDICA by Gerardo Pasos

Located in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and easily accessible by patients from El Paso, Texas, this practice was established in 1920 and is still striving to offer high-quality audiology services. It is dedicated to professionalizing and dignifying audiology, aimed at obtaining excellence in hearing health care with highly trained personnel, equipment, and technology.

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