How to Find an Endodontist Near Me? Top 20 Endodontists in Baltimore Maryland

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How to Find an Endodontist Near Me? Top 20 Endodontists in Baltimore Maryland

Endodontists are dentists who specialize in maintaining teeth through endodontic therapy – procedures involving the soft inner tissue of the teeth, called the pulp as explained at While all dentists are trained in the diagnosis and endodontic therapy, some teeth can be especially difficult to diagnose and treat. That is why you may have been referred to an endodontic specialist. Here are the top 20 endodontists in Baltimore, Maryland, to consider in case you are seeking one near you in the area.

Dental One Associates

When teeth become infected to decayed to the point that you need to see a specialist, the practitioners at Dental One Associates may be able to help as articulated at The endodontic specialists here offer proper endodontic treatment to save your teeth and ensure that you don’t need dental implants or appliances that can be expensive and uncomfortable.

University of Maryland School of Dentistry – Endodontics

In the Advanced Specialty of Endodontics at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, treatment is provided by licensed dentists who are receiving an additional three years of postgraduate training in the field of endodontics. Services and treatments offered here include root canals, retreatment of root canals, and surgical endodontic treatment.

Greenspring Endodontics

As per, Greenspring Endodontics is the endodontic practice of Dr. Andrew M. Reff, a board-certified endodontist in Baltimore, MD. The practice comprises a microscopic and microsurgical root canal specialty team in the Baltimore area dedicated to providing its patients with quality endodontic treatments.

Endodontics, PA

Serving the Greater Baltimore area for 30 years, Endodontics’ team of eight endodontists has over 75 years of combined clinical experience. The practice believes that it is important that you select an endodontic specialty practice that has the knowledge and experience to deliver the highest care possible to best treat your dental condition, and offers exactly that.

Baltimore/Washington Endodontics

Led by Dr. Brian T. Wycall, Baltimore/Washington Endodontics is located in Howard County, Maryland, in the Ellicott City/Columbia area. The endodontist providers here are expert providers of procedures including microsurgery, root canal treatment, endodontic retreatment, and immediate intervention for traumatic injuries to the tooth.

Maryland Endodontic Group

The expert team at Maryland Endodontic Group is led by respected endodontic specialists Drs. Lieberman, Lee, and Hiatt, and includes an experienced endodontic staff. According to, the practice provides the highest standard of professional care in a friendly, comfortable environment.

Canton Crossing Dental

The endodontic dental staff at Canton Crossing Dental is well-prepared to diagnose and treat damage and disease to the soft tissue of the teeth. When you visit this dental office for endodontic treatment, you can find peace of mind knowing that the skilled dentist there will expertly attempt to save a damaged tooth.

Endodontic Partners

Endodontic Partners is a dental practice dedicated exclusively to endodontic care. As captured at, the practice was one of the first endodontic specialist teams in Baltimore, Maryland, established over 30 years ago. Its team comprises four experienced, board-certified endodontists as well as a highly-skilled endodontic staff.

Perkins Dental Care

Perkins Dental Care regularly performs root cabal endodontic treatment to remove infection and save its patients’ teeth. The team here can complete the procedure and works to keep patients comfortable. Perkins Dental Care can perform root canals quickly on people living in and around the Baltimore area.

Harbor Endodontics, PA

Harbor Endodontics is led by Dr. Timothy L. Skane, who is board-certified in endodontics. The practice’s mission is to provide you with the finest endodontic treatment available anywhere. Harbor Endodontics is a modern state-of-the-art paperless dental practice that offers nothing but the highest quality micro-surgical endodontic treatment.

Randolph Endodontics/Orthodontics

Dr. Ravi Kaur and Dr. Maurice Gunraj of Randolph Endodontics/Orthodontics provide gentle orthodontic care and endodontic treatment, restoring and correcting smiles with the one-on-one attention their patients deserve as covered at The practice offers a wide variety of treatment options to meet the individual needs and desires of each patient, no matter what age.

Endodontic Specialists, PA

Endodontic Specialists is committed to providing you with the finest endodontic care possible in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere where the patient always comes first. Dr. Bradley Trattner and Dr. Howard Cohen provide procedures including microsurgery, root canal treatment, endodontic treatment, and treatment of traumatic injuries to the tooth.

Perry Hall Dental Associates

Perry Hall Dental Associates is proud to provide a state-of-the-art facility for the highest quality dental care available. As described at, the practice provides comprehensive dental care, including endodontics. Endodontic treatments offered here include root canal, apicoectomy (endodontic surgery), endo-microscope, and retreatment.

Towson Endodontics

Towson Endodontics is a dental practice in Towson, Maryland, that is limited to endodontics and microsurgery. Its team comprises endodontic specialists, Drs. Brenda Richardson and Peter Lucas. Dr. Lucas opened Towson Endodontics in 1982 and transitioned the practice to Dr. Richardson in 2000.

Drs. Friedman & Associates

Drs. Friedman & Associates is conveniently located in Baltimore, Maryland, and offers a wide range of dental services including endodontics. If you are experiencing painful symptoms because of a badly decayed or injured tooth, the team here can not only help relieve your pain but also save your tooth through endodontic treatment.

Charm City Dental

Charm City Dental is proud to provide a state-of-the-art facility for the highest quality dental care available as discussed at When it comes to endodontics, the practice specializes in rotary endodontics, which is a way of performing the root canal utilizing a specific electrical handpiece. This tool often makes the process faster and allows the dentist to perform the process with greater ease.

Advanced Root Canal Specialists

The expert team at Advanced Root Canal Specialists is led by respected endodontic specialists Drs. Fein, Elman, Carson, Barak, and Fakhari and also includes an experienced endodontic staff. The practice strives to provide unsurpassed quality in a compassionate environment of professionalism and clinical excellence.

Waterfront Dental

If your tooth is damaged or infected, the Baltimore team at Waterfront Dental will always try to save it with a root canal, if possible. as outlined at, root canal therapy is a fairly common restorative procedure, and Dr, Merguerian at Waterfront Dental is as gentle as possible during your treatment.

Inner Harbor Dental Associates

The team at Inner Harbor Dental Associates understands that root canal therapy is one of, if not the most feared dental procedures of all. That is why they make sure that patients are as comfortable as possible during treatment, and point out that the treatment is not only actually pain-free, quick, and relatively comfortable, it also relieves your pain and can prevent more complicated oral issues down the road.

Valley Endodontics

Valley Endodontics is a specialty dental practice that features unmatched expertise and is dedicated exclusively to endodontic care. Its mission is to deliver reliable, predictable, reproducible, and comfortable solutions for its patients by utilizing its years of experience and the most advanced technology.

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