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California can be a big area to cover if you are looking for a good immunologist. But you need not worry, below is a list of the best immunologists with top notch services too. This list was compiled carefully by experts.

Dr. Alan B. Goldsobel

He is a graduate from the university of Texas, school of medicine. He is a clinical professor at the Stanford university medical center, where he teaches students and residents. He is very experienced and this rates him among the best doctors in the whole of California.

Dr. James Orlowski

He is highly recommended by many of his patients due to his ability to make sure that he listens to every detail on what you have to say. He also considers your perspective on the matter before making a diagnosis as pointed out by panelists.

Dr. Anlin Xu

She is board certified in American Board of Internal Medicine. She completed her studies in American college of allergy, asthma and immunology. She is also fluent in both Mandarin and Shanghainese.

Dr. Theodore J. Chu

According to, he is dedicated to providing state of the art allergy and asthma services in California and its environs. Dr. Theodore specializes in diagnosis and treatment of hay fever, sinus disease, hives, insect allergy just to name a few.

Stanford children’s health

They are well known for their vast equipment and techniques that help young children overcome their allergies. They are able to make sure that they accommodate those with busy schedules, by working on Saturdays and even in the evening.

Dr. John S. Kellogg, MD, MS

He is very experienced in this field. He has a medical degree at Tulane University medical school. The best thing about his services is that he offers telehealth services which has a very high response rate. According to experts, he also offers a discount for new patients.

Robert T. Torrano, MD

He is a very familiar immunologist in California. Due to his top notch services, he has been able to receive numerous awards. He currently practices at the Allergy and Asthma Associates of Northern California. This clinic uses the latest technology combining it with unique treatment plans for great results.

Roxanne S. Leung, MD

She has been offering her services since the year 2003, making her to have experience in many issues that occur due to allergies. At the Allergy and Asthma Associates of Northern California they have flexible payment plans. And according to, they also accept insurance.

Latitude food allergy

A survey done by uncovered that, many patients who visit this clinic love it due to their ability to customize their solutions to fit your preferences and also there are very children friendly.

Carbon Health Urgent Care Santa Clara

The doctors here are available by appointment, and they also offer urgent care for the more serious cases. The staff here is quite friendly and are very knowledgeable in what they do. They also have a telehealth service that has a very high response rate as compared to others.

Zouves fertility center

They have the best certified professionals, who make sure that the services at the clinic are top notch. The best thing about this clinic is that, the doctors here always make a follow up on all their patients regardless if they are still ill or not.

South bay allergy and asthma group point out that, the experts here include allergists and pulmonologist. The doctors here are good doctors and very patient too. They make sure that they have all the information before making a diagnosis.

Latitude food allergy care

The consultations at this great health facility is free, how good is that? At Latitude Food Allergy Care they have made it their duty to offer customizable solutions to all their patients. This has made them to stand out from the other health facilities in the area.

Acubay clinic Morgan Hill

Apart from immunology, they also offer services in acupuncture, pediatric health and naturopathic. These services have made them earn a place among the best clinics in California and its environs.

Arun Villivalam, MD

He is known to deal with some of the rare diseases and has a very high success rate too. He offers a telehealth service which is very efficient. He mainly concentrates on family practice as uncovered by panelists.

Silicon Valley integrative health

This clinic comprises of nutritionists, alternative medicine and naturopathic. The doctors here are very respectful, friendly and they also have a listening ear. They consider all possible issues before making a diagnosis on the matter at hand.

Dignity Health-Go Health urgent care

Experts at point out that, the doctors here are board certified. This being so they offer urgent care for the rather serious cases. The staff here is very kind and respectful to all their patients.

Carbon health urgent care

They have customizable appointments which are booked very easily. The doctors here offer all kinds of professional health care options. The telehealth care option is very good also, as it is quite responsive and it offers a number of customizable solutions.

Dr. June Zhang

Situated along 2211 Moorpark Ave Ste 130 San Jose, CA 95128. They have an easy scheduling capability which is very efficient. The staff here also here is very friendly and knowledgeable of what they are doing. This has put her on the spotlight, thus rating her among the top doctors in the great area of California.

Dr. Judy Delmundo, MD

She is an allergy and immunology expert with a lot of experience too. According to experts, the experience she has, makes here offer some of the best solutions for any kind of health issue that arises. She also considers the perspective of the patient before making a full diagnosis or even advising accordingly on what should be done.