How to Find an Infertility Specialist Near Me? Top 20 Infertility Specialists in Las Vegas Nevada

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How to Find an Infertility Specialist Near Me? Top 20 Infertility Specialists in Las Vegas Nevada

Infertility specialists are medical doctors trained and certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology who then undergo further training to specialize in fertility-related conditions, treatments, and medical procedures, for both men and women as explained at Here is a list of the top 20 infertility specialists in Las Vegas, Nevada, in case you are looking for one near you in the area.

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas

With the highest success rates, a devoted team, world-renowned research, and a prime location as articulated at, The Fertility Center of Las Vegas’ approach is unparalleled and has made it the choice fertility clinic for people all around the world. The founder and medical director of this center has amassed over 30 years of experience in helping men and women navigate the complexities of infertility.

Spring Mountain Acupuncture, Fertility & Wellness

If you are experiencing disease, illness, fertility issues, PCOS, pain or stress, and many other conditions, and want relief, then Spring Mountain Acupuncture, Fertility & Wellness has got you covered. Its 90 Day Fertility Reset Program is the most comprehensive, and ensures maximal egg and sperm health, and works for both natural conception and IVF.

Nevada Fertility Center

Nevada Fertility Center prides itself in its dependability and its first priority is to its patients according to It also offers 24/7 access as its clinical team is available all day, every day for its patients. Its team is also highly dedicated, and no matter how difficult a case is, it is driven to help you succeed. Its affordability also makes it easy for you to afford its services.

Red Rock Fertility Center

Red Rock Fertility Center strives to provide a different service than what has existed for patients previously in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. It is a modern, boutique-style center, which means that you will be a patient, not a number, and you will see Dr. Littman for all of your appointments.

Ovation Fertility

Ovation Fertility is different from your average stand-alone IVF lab because it practices collaborative medicine. As a collection of independently thinking IVF and genetics labs that share research, experience, and best practices Ovation and its affiliated physicians provide a fundamentally greater depth of knowledge supporting the care it provides.

Fertility Reset Online

Fertility Reset Online is led by Dr. Lisa Grant, a double-board-certified Oriental Medicine fertility specialist. She specializes in helping women improve their fertility as covered at If you are struggling with fertility issues, then Dr. Grant can help you.

Nevada Fertility Institute

Nevada Fertility Institute’s mission is to provide you with the most modern infertility medical care in Nevada within a warm and caring environment. When you choose this center, you can count on it to provide the best infertility experience and superior clinical outcomes.

Egg Donation Las Vegas

From choosing to pursue egg donation to choosing a donor, these are some of the most important decisions a person will ever make as captured at Egg Donation Las Vegas guides parents through every step of the process. It was created to help bring together couples struggling with infertility and the amazing young women who want to help them.

Sher Institute-Reproductive

Sher Institute-Reproductive’s Medical Director, DR. Drew Tortoriello is an outstanding physician that you will find to be very personable and compassionate, who takes care to ensure that you have the most cutting-edge fertility treatments at your disposal.

Surrogacy Options of America, LLC

If you have considered becoming a surrogate or egg donor, then Surrogacy Options of America in Las Vegas, Nevada, can help you get started on that journey. Its experience and knowledge as a surrogacy and egg donor agency will lead your way and help you achieve success.

Center for Surrogate Parenting, LLC

The Center for Surrogate Parenting often works in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, to help welcome babies through the miracle of surrogacy as discussed at It guides intended parents on their surrogacy journeys until they get to experience the joy of parenthood.


ConcieveAbilities is a leading surrogacy center in Las Vegas, matching intended parents with Nevada surrogates throughout the West Coast and across the United States. As one of the oldest agencies in America, ConcieveAbilities has been at the forefront of a changing landscape alongside Las Vegas’s finest doctors and professionals.

Green Valley Fertility Partners

Green Valley Fertility Partners offers the most affordable and accessible advanced fertility treatments using cutting-edge technology as elaborated over at Its team is highly seasoned and excited about helping patients realize their dreams of parenthood, and its professional knowledge and experience allow it to provide quality and compassionate care to all its patients.

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas – Henderson

The goal at this location in Henderson, as is the goal for the Las Vegas location, is to make it as simple and stress-free as possible to bring home a healthy baby. Drs. Shapiro and Kaye are among the world’s leading experts in reproductive medicine and you can be sure that you will be in excellent hands with them and the team.

The Donor Branch of FCLV

Since 1988, The Fertility Center of Las Vegas has helped thousands of patients become parents through the gift of egg donation. These loving parents include couples who cannot conceive because of female infertility, age, or the effects of cancer treatments, as well as gay couples.

American Male Wellness

From discussions on the same over at, American Male Wellness is the best male clinic in Las Vegas that combines the latest medical breakthroughs with traditional, natural therapies to achieve unprecedented results in a safe and private healing environment.

The Ob-Gyn Center

The team at The Ob-Gyn Center is proud to offer comprehensive women’s health services in a warm and welcoming environment, and they strive to make each gynecology and obstetrics visit a rewarding experience. The practice offers a wide range of services, including infertility counseling and workup.

Optimum Egg Bank

Optimum Egg Bank provides affordable, high-quality, third-party frozen donor egg bank solutions to help you achieve your dreams of parenthood as illustrated at It offers savings of up to 60% over fresh cycles and 40% over some of its competitors.

Las Vegas Urology

If you are experiencing male infertility, you can get the treatment you need at Las Vegas Urology. The highly trained urologists at Las Vegas Urology have extensive experience diagnosing and treating male infertility and will help you find the root cause of your infertility and get you started on treatment.

Urology Specialists of Nevada

Urology Specialists of Nevada is the preferred choice for excellent, innovative, and compassionate urologic care. It offers a wide array of services, including treatment for male infertility for couples that are having trouble conceiving. Treatments may include surgery, medication, or hormone treatments.

These are some of the best infertility specialists in Las Vegas, Nevada, with more on this topic, and much more, to be found over at