How to Find an Infertility Specialist Near Me? Top 20 Infertility Specialists in Portland Oregon

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How to Find an Infertility Specialist Near Me? Top 20 Infertility Specialists in Portland Oregon

An infertility specialist is a medical professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating fertility problems to help people who have been unsuccessful trying to have a baby as explained at Infertility specialists treat conditions associated with both male and female infertility. If you are looking for one near you in Portland, Oregon, then you are in luck as this article will look to help you by highlighting the top 20 infertility specialists in the area to consider.

ORM Fertility – Fertility Center

As per, ORM Fertility is a world-class fertility center that is passionately committed to helping people grow their families. Founded in 1989, ORM offers individuals and couples a wide variety of treatment options, such as safe surrogacy, advanced genetic screenings, and the most cutting-edge in-vitro fertilization (IVF) technology available.

ORM Fertility – Embryology Lab

ORM Fertility’s first embryology laboratory was built in 1999 at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Northwest Portland, using the expertise of engineers who design clean-room facilities for Intel. Since then, there have been decades worth of advancements in technology and the engineering used to develop clean rooms.

Northwest Fertility Center

Dr. Eugene Stoelk at Northwest Fertility Center is a highly respected reproductive endocrinologist and fertility surgeon with over 25 years of experience giving compassionate, comprehensive attention to his patients’ pregnancy problems – and solving them at a success rate that rivals the best in the nation as articulated at

OHSU Fertility Clinic, South Waterfront

OHSU Fertility Clinic is a national leader in fertility research and offers the newest fertility treatments available led by the expertise you won’t find anywhere else in the area. OHSU provides the widest range and most advanced medical treatments available.

Oregon Fertility Institute

The Oregon Fertility Institute is a fertility practice in Portland, Oregon, established by Dr. Aimee S. Chang, a reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist, offering progressive treatments for infertility. The institute’s goal is to understand your reproductive health needs so that it can develop the best-individualized treatment plan for you.

Oregon Surrogacy Center

The Oregon Surrogacy Center is based in Portland, OR, where it makes dreams come true according to If your goal is to become a parent through surrogacy, Oregon Surrogacy Center’s professional team is available to answer any of your questions with regards to the surrogacy process.

Blossom Clinic

Blossom Clinic is a natural health clinic that specializes in women’s health. With a particular focus on fertility and pregnancy, Blossom Clinic has helped thousands of families in the Pacific Northwest. Its services include acupuncture, massage, prenatal massage, abdominal massage, cupping, and herbal medicine.

OHSU Fertility Egg Donation Program

With over 25 years of expertise, the OHSU Egg Donation Program is one of the most established egg donation programs on the West Coast as captured at The program has helped couples from all over the US and Europe. Recipient couples trust in its experienced and high success rates to help start their family.

Future Parent Options

Future Parent Options will be there to guide you through every step of the way in your surrogacy journey. Its staff consists of past surrogate mothers, and the center has over nineteen years of experience, which means you can rest assured that you will be taken care of.

Portland Acupuncture Studio

Portland Acupuncture Studio offers acupuncture for fertility which is an effective and natural way to support your efforts in building your family. Dr. Lisa Tongel and her team of fertility acupuncturists have extensive experience supporting people in achieving their family-building goals.

AsiaWest Egg Donors, LLC

AsiaWest Egg Donors recruits highly qualified Asian egg donors and works closely with them to help others achieve their dream of having a family. As covered at, it works with diverse families and individuals and is committed to helping all kinds of people create the families they want.

Portland HypnoFertility

If you are wanting to have a baby, have difficulty conceiving, have difficulty carrying a pregnancy to term, are considering in-vitro fertilization or intra-uterine fertilization, want to try every option, or are wanting to optimize your chances for success, the Portland HypnoFertility can help.

OHSU Oncofertility for Men and Women

The OHSU Oncofertility for Men and Women Program offers a variety of options for cancer patients facing potential reproductive risks caused by their cancer therapy as discussed at The team there will always work closely with your oncology team. After meeting with you and reviewing your case, the specialists there can help estimate your risk of infertility based on your cancer treatment.

Willow Tree Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic

Willow Tree Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic is a Portland acupuncture clinic specializing in functional medicine combined with Chinese medicine for women’s health, fertility acupuncture and menopausal wellness, and much more. With over a decade of clinical experience and specialized training in women’s health, fertility, and pregnancy care, Dr. Kiné Fischler offers holistic individualized treatments to address fertility challenges or resolve infertility.

Pearl Women’s Center

Pearl Women’s Center was founded in 2005 by Dr. Richard Rosenfield, a forward-thinking, board-certified gynecologist in Portland, Oregon. The center diagnoses and treats a variety of conditions that can cause infertility.

OHSU Center for Women’s Health, Marquam Hill

You can count on the OHSU Center for Women’s Health’s expert medical care at every stage of life. The center, as described at, provides a full spectrum of services and programs for women, including fertility services.

Lotus Acupuncture & Fertility Clinic

Lotus Acupuncture offers Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for infertility. TCM treats infertility by getting to the root of the problem, and once a child is conceived, TCM can help the woman’s body hold the baby to full term.

Fertility Center of Oregon

Since 1976, the Fertility Center of Oregon’s goal has remained the same: to treat its patients with dignity and respect while providing compassionate, leading-edge fertility care as outlined at As your partner, the center will develop a personalized treatment plan with some of the several options available to you.

Pacific NW fertility

At Pacific NW Fertility, you will have access to comprehensive treatment options, using the most advanced technology, with extraordinary care at every step of the way. The team there is going to do everything it can to complete your family.

The Oregon Clinic

The Urology providers at The Oregon Clinic provide both male and female infertility treatment options. The clinic’s physicians were the first in the Portland area to offer the “no-scalpel” vasectomy routinely to patients. In addition, the physicians here are experienced in all aspects of male infertility.

Hopefully, this article will help you find a top-rated infertility specialist in Portland, Oregon, if you are looking for one near you, with more on this and much more to be found over at