How to Get Customers & Clients?


No movie better summarizes inbound marketing then Filed of Dreams.  “If you build it, he will come.”  But will they actually come?  Remember you are one of many.  There are companies who do what you do…. or things so similar to what you do… it’s not that different. Sales is not easy.  I spent 4 hours each Sunday doing it.  And 4 hours each Monday.  You have to be consistent and not give up.

Your success depends on identifying and attributing key factors required to reach your goals. You need to build strong relationships with people.  As much as I’d like… I can’t stay at home all day… and hope clients come to me.  I spend 30-40% of my time finding clients.  And then the rest of my time delegating and doing work.

With any agency… you have to do your own promotion… It would be silly to hire someone else to do it for you.  You have to make partnerships and talk… there’s so much talking… You have to manage your development backlog, negotiate prices with vendors… and all that fun stuff.. I’m getting dizzy just thinking of the random things I do everyday.  And even that’s not enough.  You are responsible for being efficient and making sure everyone is happy.  It truly is a grab box of random responsibilities.  And they never get fewer… only more.

Above all, you must know aha your competition is doing.  These are the people that are taking your clients away.  I suggest doing a competitive analysis even before you make your startup. Without understanding what the landscape is… you are doomed before your first step.  There are many factors…. that result in not getting a certain client.  All of them… are important for the next client.  Rinse and repeat until the system is optimized… or as closed to being optimized as possible.

Another important key, is to identify your strengths and weaknesses.  Every startup has them.  I believe the greatest strength of a new company is flexibly.  You can pick and choose who you want on your team.  And you can define your culture.  That’s important.  If your culture is everyone works hard… then everyone works hard.  Ask yourself what are your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.  How can you exploit their weaknesses?

And then offerings.  What are you offering?  Are you just PPC?  Or can you do development.  I find the more you offer the better.  However… there’s got to be something you are very very good at.  You should also consider divesting your risk. A lot f things can go wrong… so having many clients is better.  And having monthly fees is much better.