How to Lose a Lifetime Customer?



To give some context I paid $124.38 on 04/13/2015 for the AC inspection.  I had the part replaced on 5/12/2015 for $1, 153.05.  Since late June the AC has not worked.  Lately it’s become an issue since Houston is 100 plus degrees.

I’ve used this X Acura for many years and my father purchased a new car from them 3-4 years ago.  They’ve lost my trust from the way they behaved.  While I was waiting for my car to be returned, a salesperson pitched me on buying a loaner car.  They did a hard sell: “These cars will be gone in no time… yadadada.”  It was a bit jarring considering they did the pitch AFTER I fixed my old car and it was for a loaner car I had no interest in.  After failing to get me to leave my car there even longer to get an estimate, the salesperson said “You will be back.”

I got the impression they told me to get the new part to encourage me to trade in the car.  And… the AC failed less than a month later….

The problem (as identified by the dealership) was one of the parts had a small pebble which which caused Freon to leak.  The first solution the service person proposed was to add more Freon and patch up the hole.  The cost was minimal.  After the service person went to write up this solution… he came back and said it was a partial fix and I may have further problems unless I paid $1,200 for a replacement part + services.  I said no.

The AC worked fine for a month…  I had to go back on 5/12/2015 when it stopped.  At this time the service person did not even give me the option of adding more Freon.  The options were replace this part or leave.  I had the part replaced…  and within a month the AC stopped working again.

I’m in the market for a new car (hence why I don’t want any more work done).  Had X Acura simply proposed this in the beginning I would have purchased a new car from them.  Instead, they decided to take the path they believed would generate them the most revenue: Pay of the AC inspection; Pay to replace the part; and then ask for me to trade in the car.  I find this extremely dishonest.  I’m no longer willing to drive the 30 minutes to use them… there are more honest car dealerships..