How to Make a Good First Impression on the Job 10 Tips

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How to Make a Good First Impression on the Job 10 Tips

As covered over at, new co-workers and colleagues are likely to form perceptions about you and the “type” of person you are based on initial impressions; it’s only human nature. Such snap judgments can turn into long-term perceptions that may have a massive impact on your career trajectory and ultimate success at an organization according to the gurus over at This is why it is important to make an excellent first impression on your first day at work. To help you with that, here are 10 tips on how to make a good first impression on the job.

Arrive early and stay late

The last thing you want to do is arrive late on your first day at work. According to discussions on the same over at, arriving early shows that you not only value your work but are organized and considerate towards your co-workers. You should also be aware of the company culture as far as the workday is concerned. Find out when people usually leave rather than leaving at the designated time. For example, if the workday is advertised as a 9 to 5, leaving at 5 won’t paint you in the best of lights if everyone else is staying until 7. You should look to follow the lead of your colleagues in the beginning as discussed over at

Present yourself appropriately

People will always judge you on how you look according to Therefore, to make a great first impression, you should endeavor to convey a message that you are reliable, organized, trustworthy, and efficient by dressing professionally. If the dress code at your new place of work is more relaxed, you can relax yours as well, but only after people have gotten to know you.

Have a positive attitude

Another tip that will help you make a good first impression is showing up with a positive attitude. As outlined over at, this means being pleasant, friendly, and enthusiastic with everyone you come into contact with. Make sure you do every task with eagerness and don’t complain about any particular duty, your job in general, or any of your co-workers or colleagues.

Ask for help when you need it

As the gurus over at like to point out, no matter how skilled and knowledgeable you are, you won’t have all the answers. Most people find themselves looking to show and prove just how good they are during the first days on the job, and this can blow up on your face. You should avoid this, and rather than completing a job incorrectly, ask your co-workers and colleagues for help when you need it. Remember, no one expects you to know everything, and contrary to what you may think, asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Take initiative

During your first days, as people try to figure out where you fit in, it is not uncommon to feel overlooked or feel like you are not really needed according to A useful tip, one that will help you make a good impression is making sure that you don’t stay hidden in your cubicle once you have completed certain duties until someone tells you what to do next. Take initiative and seek out your boss, tell them you have completed the assigned task(s), and ask what you can do next. If extra duties come up and you don’t have a full plate, put yourself forward and volunteer to do them.

Socialize with your wo-workers

Don’t isolate yourself during your first days at the job and try as much as possible to socialize with your co-workers. As articulated over at, check to see if your co-workers have activities that they do together, and be sure to join them. Maybe they have a softball team or they go out for drinks every Friday night. Socializing with your co-workers will help build rapport and solidify relationships with them while also showing that you are a team player.

Leave your personal life at the door

According to the subject matter experts over at, it is also important that you check your personal life at the door if you want to make a good first impression. Additionally, you should also avoid using company time to solve your personal problems. For example, sharing that you are drowning in debt may cause others to start seeing you as being irresponsible, careless, and disorganized, all of which are qualities that are never appreciated in the workplace.

Stay away from office politics

Office politics and gossip is part and parcel of any workplace. However, as the new guy, it is important that you stay away from the rumor mill and that you avoid associating with the people who are powering it. According to the gurus over at, talking trash about colleagues or spreading rumors is considered to be negative behavior that has a divisive effect on the workplace and you don’t want to be tainted by the same in your first days at your new job.

Keep a low profile

You may be tempted to show what you can do and what you know during the first few days as, after all, you want your co-workers to know that you are highly qualified and competent and will be a useful addition to the team. However, as the experts over at point out, you should resist this temptation at all costs. This is because constantly putting yourself in the spotlight will give you a reputation of being a “know-it-all” and won’t exactly endear you to your co-workers and colleagues. Therefore, you should stay out of the limelight and instead, listen to others, be open-minded about their suggestions and approaches, and share your knowledge without forcing it on others.

Be yourself

While making a good first impression means that you need to “fit in”, it shouldn’t come at the expense of you losing yourself or pretending to be someone that you are not. As is covered over at, the best way to create a good first impression is by being your authentic self as this will make you feel more confident, helping you build trust and earn the respect and integrity of the people you meet and interact with at work.

This article only just begins to scratch the surface as far as this topic is concerned and you can uncover more insights on the same over at the excellent and

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