How to Not Be Nervous in Job Interviews: 10 Tips

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How to Not Be Nervous in Job Interviews: 10 Tips

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking affairs. This is because, as covered over at, once you get a job interview, you know that it is probably the only thing standing between you and that job you were eyeing. You know that a good performance in your job interview will probably land you the job. The pressure this brings can lead to you being more and more nervous as the interview approaches. If you always get interview nerves, there are things you can do to calm them down, 10 of which are covered by the following 10 tips.


According to the subject matter experts over at, one of the things you can do to beat interview nerves is making sure you are well prepared for the interview. Anticipating the interview questions will ensure that you are ready to face whatever questions that might come your way, which will put your mind at ease before the interview according to the gurus over at You should make sure that you prepare for common questions like, “Tell me about yourself” or “What are your weaknesses”, which are discussed over at, as these questions always trip people up during interviews. Remember, a lack of prep is likely to increase your natural anxiety and apprehension about the interview and make nerves a lot harder to overcome during the event.

Clear your head before the interview

As is explained over at, you should also try to take as much time as possible to gather your thoughts and clear your head before the interview. If you have the opportunity, take a short walk or stroll around the block, something that can be extremely helpful since sitting still will only give you time to stew and will only make you even more nervous. If you are feeling ambitious and have the opportunity, you can even go for a run to release those endorphins, which you can achieve if you have a phone interview. For an in-person interview, you can take 5 minutes before you enter the building to walk around and clear your head.

Watch what you eat

According to the experts over at, a good interview starts with a great meal. This might mean different things for different people; some prefer going down the healthy route and eating something full of energy-boosting antioxidants, while others prefer indulging in their favorite comfort foods. While there is no “right food” to eat before an interview, whatever you do, you should make sure that you steer clear stimulants such as coffee and other caffeinated drinks as these will make you more likely to appear shaky and unable to concentrate. Drink water, but make sure that you enter the interview room with an empty bladder to avoid distraction. Also, make sure you eat something to avoid a grumbling stomach during your interview which will only make you feel more self-conscious and, therefore, more nervous.

Chew gum

Some experts advise that chewing a stick of gum can smooth out any jangling nerves, helping calm you down and increasing concentration levels. However, as the gurus over at are quick to point out, remember to dispose of the gum discreetly and well before you encounter anyone in your potential place of employment as this is not a good look and won’t make for a great first impression.

Give yourself a pep talk

Also, another way to beat out those interview nerves is to give yourself a pep talk where you tell yourself all the things that you need to hear right before your interview. Whether said out loud, in private or echoed silently in your own head, pep talks will give you the confidence boost you need to overcome your nerves. You can tell yourself something like, “I’m smart”, “I’m qualified for this job”, “I’m going to kill it”, “I’ve got this”, and so forth. As explained over at, it is recommended that you say it out loud and with confidence as this will make it really stick. Just make sure that you find a quiet place to do it.

Watch your posture

If your nerves follow you into the interview, then you can use your posture to overcome them. As outlined over at, sitting up straight will portray confidence and will help calm your nerves. Make sure that you avoid fidgeting or shuffling around, and that you don’t slouch or sit on the edge of your sit. Getting the right posture will make you feel more confident and before you know it, the nerves will be gone as your interview progresses.

Calm your shaky hands

As is explained over at, showing the palm of your hands is important during an interview as it portrays honesty. This is why it is recommended that you have your hands visible on the table when in the interview rather than hiding them. However, if you are nervous, your hands are likely to start shaking and to hide this, you might be tempted to clamp them in your lap, fold them, or hide them under the table. This is, of course, not recommended. Therefore, if you feel your hands shaking, try and clench your thigh muscles as this will calm the shakes, allowing you to use your hands to make open, honest gestures as you speak.

Focus on the questions

Another tip that will help you not be nervous in job interviews is to focus on the questions. As is covered over at, nerves can make you retreat into your head and start overthinking everything, which can lead to you missing important aspects of the questions being asked. This is why, to overcome nerves, you should drown out all the noise in your head and try to focus on what the interviewer is saying.


Nervousness and anxiety will lead to issues such as a rising pulse rate according to the gurus over at To deal with such issues, you should make a conscious effort to breathe evenly and to listen. Watch your breathing and try to bring it to an even keel and you will notice your anxiety melt away.

Plan something for afterward

By planning something for afterward, you will have something to look forward to after your interview, which will help calm your nerves. It will give you something to look forward to and power you through your interview. As outlined over at, this can be a nice meal, a relaxing massage, a walk with your dog, your favorite Netflix show, and so forth. Just make sure you prepare for it to be ready for you when you are done with your interview and this will give you something amazing to look forward to and focus on, instead of your nerves and jitters.

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