How to Quit Your Job: How to Find a Job in 2020

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How to Quit Your Job: How to Find a Job in 2020

Quitting your job is a lot like breaking up with someone, depending on the situation, you may feel terrible about it, or may be happy to move on. However, regardless of how you feel about your job, the gurus over at recommend that just like breaking up with someone, when quitting your job, you should make sure you do it right. It is important to be as dignified, graceful and professional as possible when looking to quit your job. It is no secret that many people with jobs are usually actively looking for different jobs or keeping an eye out for openings while working their current jobs. Which means that, for most of them, it is only a matter of time before they have to tender in their resignation and quit. When that time comes, then as per discussions on the same over at, this is when you realize that quitting a job isn’t as easy as it sounds. This is because one would have built relationships with colleagues and your boss, who will have invested a lot of time and effort in your development. Most of the anxiety that comes when you are contemplating quitting your job is due to the potential reaction you will get. This is why this article should come in handy as it will look to highlight how one should quit their job. Remember, how you quit your job could have a bearing on whether or not you will find another job, something to keep in mind going into 2020.

One of the most important tips to keep in mind if you are looking to quit your job is making sure that you let your boss know first before telling your colleagues. As per the subject matter experts over at, it is never a good look for your boss to find out about your impending exit from office gossip. This could make them feel like you don’t respect and therefore, if you are looking to quit your job, make sure you set up a meeting with your boss and tell them of your intentions before breaking the news to your colleagues. No matter how close you are with your colleagues, don’t ever tell them you are quitting before you tell your boss. Also, just like breaking up, the gurus over at also state that the right way to quit your job is to do so in person. Don’t quit over email, through HR or through sneaking in and leaving the resignation letter on your boss’s office. The right way to go about things is sending your boss an email asking them to set a date so that you can meet up and discuss your future. This will prepare them for what is to come, after which you can meet them in person and deliver the news during said meeting.

It is also important that you just don’t up and leave, leaving your former company in a lurch. This is why the folks over at recommend that the best way to quit your job is to ensure that you give at least two weeks’ notice. Two weeks is actually the minimum, and as such you should consider serving a three to four weeks’ notice period before leaving to allow them to prepare for your departure. The period of notice you should serve should depend not only on the company’s policy but also your position. If the company has a policy on the amount of time you should serve as notice when looking to quit, then you should abide by this. If your position is in management, then the right thing to do is to give your employer even more time to find the right replacement. Given the importance of the role of a manager, you should serve a longer notice period to allow for the company to get the right person to replace you. The recommended time to serve here is about 4 to 6 weeks. Also make sure you put everything in writing by writing a notice letter, which you should take to both your boss and HR. This letter will be important for when you do find another job, as when they request your former employers for your records, they will be able to verify that you actually left on your own and weren’t fired.

Another important thing to note when looking to quit your job is making sure that you have a strong finish. While you are serving your notice, maintain your productivity and energy levels and let your professionalism shine through., something backed up by the gurus over at How you behave during your last days will massively impact on the recommendation you will get from your former employers which will definitely impact on your future employment prospects. Also, if possible, help your replacement settle in and learn the ropes during this period. If it is not possible to help them directly, probably due to the fact that they will come in after you have left, then try and write them a comprehensive guide on stuff like the key contacts, processes and any relevant advice to help them settle in as quickly and smoothly as possible. Finally, make sure that you write an email to your teammates and colleagues, thanking them for your time together and express how much of a privilege it was to work with them. Do the same also for your manager and mentors and show them how much you appreciate them, even if your relationship wasn’t always smooth. Don’t ever blast your former employers and criticize them when quitting your job.

The above are some of the things to keep in mind when looking to quit your job, keeping in mind that, as per the gurus over at, how your quit your job will determine how easily you find another one, something to keep in mind going into 2020.