How to Start a Pay Per Click Agency in Houston


How to Start a Pay Per Click Agency in Houston

Houston is a large metropolitan area that is loaded with businesses that either currently use PPC, have thought about using it in the future or want to learn more about it.  It’s a great opportunity for someone who wants to launch a new PPC Agency.   One of the best things about offering this service in Houston is that you’re already familiar with the local area and can better service Houston’s current clientele.

PPC may be confusing to many people, which is why it’s important for you as a PPC Agency and expert, to be properly set up as an official Houston business. Below are some tips that can help you get started.

What Business Entity is Best for You?

To get set up officially, you must first determine what type of business entity to set up. Some common choices are the following:

A sole proprietor – This type of entity is normally for independent contractors.

A Corporation – The most common corporate entities are S-Corps and C-Corps.

Limited Liability Corps – There are different types of LLCs to consider, such as individual members, partnerships, LLP’s or other formats.

Each type of entity has its own tax requirements that must be considered as well.

In order to operate as a business in Houston, you also need to acquire the appropriate business license, permits or other business.

Open a Business Bank Account

It’s important to open up a business bank account in your business’ name to avoid co-mingling of funds. You also want to be able to be accommodating with respect to doing business with other businesses in the area that’d prefer to work with businesses rather than individuals.

To set up a business bank account, visit your local bank and set up checking or savings account. Most businesses also use PayPal to make electronic payment, so you may want to set up a PayPal account as well.

Business Address and Phone Number

Set up a business address and business phone number so that you appear official and so that you can be found by potential clients. Also, clients may want to meet you at your site location (but not your home.) That’s when the use of a virtual office is more practical and suitable to accomodate the client. (It’s very economical too.)

Launch a Website

Select a domain name prior to setting up your website along with a professional email address. Select a hosting plan prior to launching your website as well, then build and launch your site.

Create a Logo

Have a professional logo designed that best represents your business. Also, keep in mind that you should also select a color scheme that’s most suitable for your business as well.


You now have everything you need (a new business address, phone number, web address and email) to have professional stationary created.


You may not think that having insurance at this stage of the game is necessary, however, if you are at risk of losses, lawsuits, physical or professional damages, then you will need to purchase liability insurance and errors and omission insurance.

Software and Equipment

You will need to have the proper software, computer and networking systems that you need to do your job accurately.

Spread the Word out About Your Business

Now is your chance to position yourself as the PPC expert, offering both PPC services and consulting services. Through online marketing and advertising you can alert the Houston business community that you are set up and ready to offer PPC services. Let everyone know that your doors are now open for business.