How Useful Are Google Certificates?


Part of running an agency is knowing what you are good at… and how to sell. Google certificates help.

My top 5 Sectors:

Political Candidates
Oil and Gas
Auto Dealerships


I graduated a top 20 law school; we were taught our first day in legal bootcamp to gather as many prestigious resume builders as possible (I’m completely serious).

At a minimal you need the following to be a Lawyer:

  • College Degree
  • LSAT
  • Basic 1L Classes
  • Pass Ethics Test
  • Obtain JD
  • Pass State Bar Exam (at least 1)
  • Obtain Continuing Learning Education Credits

Lawyers like certifications. There’s an entire industry dedicated to certificate generation: Super Lawyers, Top 100 Lawyers, etc.  Google AdWords Certificates are appreciated (10 of 10).


I graduated Pre-Medicine from NYU; we were taught to stay in the library. Pre-med retention rates were less than 20%.

At a minimal you need the following to be a Dentist/Doctor:

  • Minimal Pre-Medicine Courses
  • College Degree
  • Obtain DDS/MD
  • Pass Board Certification
  • Obtain Continuing Learning Education Credits

Dentists/Doctors like to see certificates since their livelihoods depend on their own certificates. Google AdWords Certificates are appreciated (10 of 10).

Political Candidates

Political candidates MUST spend money they raise before a campaign’s end. It’s a wild push on the last few days. These clients require stellar accounting. Mismanagement of political campaign funds has serious consequences including jail time.

Political Candidates value trust. You must be able to manage and report spending well. Google AdWords Certificates work well to build trust (8 of 10).

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas don’t typically use PPC, but AdWord Certificates are beneficial. Oil and Gas does a lot of SEO. Finding the best keywords means understand the lingo like “Hot Tapping.”

Oil and Gas is a B2B industry where listening is key. Ask questions and take notes. Google AdWords Certificates work well to build trust (6 of 10).

Auto Dealerships

My first PPC client was a holding company with 11 dealerships… $150,000 a month. Success is not measured in phone calls, leads, or contact forms…. but in cars sold. If you sell, they send a signed basketball of your favorite NBA player to your workplace. If you don’t… get ready to explain.

I love working with dealerships; they are conversion heavy accounts… However, Google AdWords Certifications do little to impress a seasoned GM or Owner (2 of 10).

*These are my personal experiences, take them with a grain of salt.