Hustling and Work Ethic



Hustling is easy… it’s continuing that hustle when you sort of made it, that is hard.  You have to integrate hustle into your life.  It’s comparable to volunteering, you don’t need to do it and it’s incredibly difficult getting up at 7am on a Saturday… but it makes you better and you know it.

Branding is the exact same.  You need to constantly keep branding and learning.  If you become stagnant, left behind you will be.

Which brings me to what makes me different
from my peers (at the last agency).  They laugh at my twitter,Guttulus youtube channel,Online PPC training website, instagram,, teamtreehouse…  And when I asked for help… they stone cold said no and that I was wasting my time.  But honestly, they don’t understand.  It’s suppose to be hard.  When I started twitter it took forever to get the first 100 followers… but the next 11000 was relatively easy because I knew how.  The same with my hobby YouTube channel.  My hobby channel was my second (so it’s cheating a little), but it took longer to reach 1000 than it did to get my next 14000.  And that’s the beauty of it.

Whatever progress you make today amplifies your progress tomorrow.  You should start today.