Hybrid Direct Mail

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Hybrid Direct Mail

For many years, both large and small companies have used direct mail to reach customers. In fact, it is one of the easiest ways to get your brand into the home of a potential customer. However, you should know that you are not the only one doing that. As a result, you may end up sending mail to an address that is not interested in your company. The result is that you will have wasted your money.

Besides that, if your mail keeps appearing in mailboxes that do not need it, they may develop a negative attitude towards it. The result is that it may actually do more harm to your brand than any benefits you had hoped to gain. Direct mail usually involves sending mail in one concentrated area where you think your customers are located. However, it is wasteful.

That is what has led to the development of the hybrid direct mail concept. Instead of sending mail to all the customers in one area; you can instead send it to only those who have an interest in a wider area. Here is a bit of data from us at Guttulus on how hybrid direct mail works.

To achieve hybrid direct mail success, it will entail analyzing data from the US postal services to ensure that you send mail to only high potential customers. In most cases, you cannot do this on your own. As a result, most companies, big and small will outsource this work. During the analysis, it will be revealed which addresses are likely to purchase your services or products.

The system will usually look into the specific city, town, and neighborhoods you are likely to target and determine which areas are most likely to offer a high ROI. This system relies on data from various sources such as the census and USPS to come up with these addresses. All the data is the combined to paint a picture of your potential customers. However, you should know that no marketing method is 100 percent perfect.

In various studies, it has been shown that the hybrid system improves conversion by nearly six percent. This may not seem like much at face value. However, when you consider that your competitors may not be using it, you will be taking a huge step in the right direction. In comparison to traditional saturation mail, you will only be able to achieve 0.5 to 1 percent conversion rates. That means if you use this method, you will grow your accuracy by about 600 percent.

Once you mail your future customers, it is usually advisable to have a follow up on another side. With modern technology, the easiest way to achieve this is via a website. You can write down the website of your company in the mail or ensure that it is easy to find using the right keywords.

With a website, it will ensure that you can give them more information before they lose interest in your services or products. To get even better results, you can utilize a pay per click campaign as follow up. That means being able to target the same customers via paid ads online. Besides that, you should work on your SEO to target those specific customers. In addition, you will need to up your social media game. This will ensure that you get the attention of as many of your potential customers as possible.

Understanding Hybrid Mail

The process of hybrid mail can be broken down into these three basic steps.

  1. The Data

The first step is to import your data into an automated hybrid mail system. Here this system will begin to analyze the data and categorize it. For instance, it will check the quality of customers that recently made a purchase from you.

  1. Who is making purchases from you

The system will now begin to aggregate your data and compare it with other data that it may have in its system. Through various algorithms, it will determine who your customers are and why they buy from you. With this data at hand, the system can then begin to find other customers who may have similar traits to those that already made purchases.

  1. Mail the potential customers

Having determined who are most likely to purchase from your company, the system will now start printing mail to send to them. With this system, only potential customers are mailed. The result is that there is less wastage of paper and resources. Those who are unlikely to have an interest in your products will never receive mail from you. You will be saving money while growing your customer base at the same time.


Undoubtedly, if you want to save money, hybrid mail is the way to go. Best of all, it is not that hard to get started. You can get in touch with Guttulus.