I am a Magi

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This week has been fun.  It started with travel and it ended with watching Magi at home while working on templates.  Yes I will upload them… eventually.  Making content isn’t as easy.  I have about 56 videos to make this weekend and absolutely no will power.  And tutoring half a day Sunday.  Always a good experience, but somewhat draining.  Especially when its the SATs on a Sunday….

Life has drastically improved.  I was able to test the open market to see what I am worth.  And I’m worth a lot.  A PPC person with my experience, certification, and determination is rare.  Said PPC person doesn’t make anything less than a comptroller would.  Being a comptroller was a daunting experience right out of law school.  I’m not sure I will ever be ready to try that again.  But PPC is fun.  I enjoy learning and talking about it.

However, my true value is something more.  It’s the ability to adapt:  Sales, SEO, PPC, Legal, Business, Accounting, Finance, and Social Media.  And it seems like my new “job” will require me to do all of those.

In the short week since I left my previous employment, I’ve accomplished half a years’ worth of goals.  I have a fully healthy ppc account, fun clients, and an investor who cares about my ideals and goals. I’ve been able to protect my friends and secure their futures as well.

Lastly, I realized just how ferocious I can be.  Which is a good thing.  After all I did go to a top law school and clawed my way to two law journals and President of my fraternity.  I’m off to a new adventure.  Wish me luck.