I Brought 500 Books… Seriously

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Well it’s that time of night again…  1:31am when I start to blog about my day.  I had a pretty eventful day… and I brought at least 500 books.  The books have an unique story to them.  At one time they belonged to a store called Domy Books: http://domybookstore.com/houston/  The store was one of a kind and for artist.  The books and toys they carried were hard to find anywhere else in Houston (obviously you could order it online, but you can’t fall in love with something online like you can in person).

I guess the best way I can describe Domy is through their own words:

As many of you well know, Domy Books is a portal to the fantastical – a place to find your most far-out and free-wheelin fantasies printed, pressed, published and presented for the express purpose of plucking the playful heartstrings that please your personality so perfectly you feel as though you never really left the childhood from whence your first imagination sprang.

Kind of like platform 9 3/4 only without the jumping, wouldn’t you say?”

Domy went out of business and consigned the rest of its stock to Insomnia Games, a place I heard a lot about and was the first place I visited when we moved to our new office.  They had the remaining Domy stock, and I wanted it.  It was being sold at 20 dollars for 6-8 books valued at least a $100.  I made a fair offer of $2 a book and the owner after a day said yes.  And even cut me a better deal.

I’m excited I get to keep part of Houston’s art scene history.  It belongs an artist’s home.

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