I Can’t Find a Job after College: 10 Tips

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I Can’t Find a Job after College: 10 Tips

Most people graduate college and enter the rat race that is the job hunt with a lot of hope. However, while most people envision that they will get a job immediately after graduating college, the reality on the ground is that most will spend a lot of time sending out resumes and waiting anxiously, mostly in vain, for that positive phone call or email. As per discussions over at the excellent runrex.com, it becomes very demoralizing if you are applying for jobs and you are getting turned down over and over again. If you are in this position where you just can’t find a job after having graduated college, then there are a number of things you can do to see if you can change your luck. To that effect, here are 10 tips that you should keep in mind.

Reduce your cost of living

If you are struggling to find a job, then the smart thing to do is to ensure that you are not living beyond your means. As per the gurus over at ppchire.com, you should ensure that you cut back on costs, eliminating expenses that are unnecessary so that you don’t deplete your savings and end up going into debt while looking for a job. Some of the things you can do to reduce your cost of living is look for a cheaper place to live or even move back home, defer student loans among others.


One of the most effective ways to find employment is through networking, something the subject matter experts over at guttulus.com agree with. While your degree is all about what you know, networking will help you on who you know and will help you meet potential employers. Some of the best places to network include college alumni associations, networking events which you can search for online and attend, career fairs, conferences and many others.


Another tip that could help you in your job search is through finding volunteering opportunities. While you will be working for free, volunteering is a great way to gain work experience and network, and as discussed over at bitgale.com, what may start as an unpaid opportunity may end up being a paid opportunity. Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills as well as meet new people including potential employees and you should try it.

Consider an internship

Internships are not only for undergraduate students as this is yet another tip that could help you gain employment. As per the experts over at runrex.com, don’t see this as a backward step and use the internship to gain work experience as well as network and meet new people. It is even more important if you didn’t get an internship when you were still in college as you can use this opportunity to kill the two proverbial birds with one stone.

Expand your job search

If you are having difficulties finding a job, then you should consider expanding and broadening your job search. As discussed over at ppchire.com, try to expand your search to include more industries and also try to broaden the search geographically. Other ways you can broaden your job search is through applying at different entry-level positions even if you qualify for a much high level job, different career types and so forth. The focus is to get your feet in the door after which you can be able to take it from there.

Personal website

Another thing you can do to boost your chances of getting a job is creating your own personal website. This will enable you to showcase your expertise and build your brand while making you appear very professional which will definitely be attractive to prospective employers. You can also use your website to blog about your experiences and write about what you are passionate about and this will help you stand out from other folks seeking employment in the same field as you. If you are looking for tips and professional help on how to start your own website, head over to the highly rated guttulus.com.

Make the most of LinkedIn

As per discussions over at bitgale.com, the value of LinkedIn when looking for a job can’t be stressed enough. You should therefore create and fully fill your profile on LinkedIn, which will help you in your networking efforts allowing you to connect with potential employers.

Take a related class

If you are struggling to find a job after college, you may think about going to school and taking a class that is related to your major or one that helps you fill any knowledge gaps you may have. You can take an online course or enroll in a college, and this will allow you to gain more knowledge on the field you want to gain employment in, making you even more attractive to employers. You can head over to runrex.com for more information on the best classes out there and where to go to so as to enroll.

Consider a part-time job

A part-time job is yet another thing to consider if you can’t find a job after college as not only will this enable you to make money, it will also help you learn new skills and forge a work ethic that employers will find attractive. As per the gurus over at ppchire.com, employers love this can-do attitude and this will definitely help you down the road.


Finally, but very important, is to stay positive even if your search is proving fruitless so far. Don’t give in to apathy and despair but forge on with your search. Remind yourself how far you have come and all the challenges you have overcome all the way up to college. The folks over at guttulus.com recommend that you spend a portion of your day, say an hour or so, doing something you enjoy doing so as to keep your spirits high. A positive attitude could be the thing that gets you over the line and lands you a job.

The above are some of the tips to keep in mind if you can’t find a job after college and we hope they will help you finally land a job. There is more information on this and other related topics to be found over at the highly regarded bitgale.com.