I Have Large Tiger Fangs



Yes… I’m still trying to SEO this keyword.  The fact I can do 5 blogs at 3am at night is impressive… even to me.  It would be better if I could do them on separate days… but hey… I like this a lot too.  I’ll share a secret with you… I’m not afraid of anything.  I watch a lot of “scary” movies…. and I’m so immune to them… that it’s starting to affect real life too.  I’ve always been this way.  I remember watching the Blair Witch Project and thinking omg… these camera angles are awful.  I grew up a diet of scary movies…. I’m also not scared of people.  I’m a lawyer… many of my friends are lawyers.  My dad is a lawyer… many of our family friends are lawyers.  I guess.. being around so many lawyers all my life has conditioned me to be brave.  but… truth be told… something else gave me my tiger fangs… and it’s not what you expect.

Tiger fangs are the terms I used when I visited Africa.  I went on a trip with many of my friends… NYU paid for the trip so why not?  It was an amazing experience made even more memorable by my crazy friends.  I set off to look for tiger fangs in Ghana.  Of course it was a joke… but most of the vendors we met had them… the catch was I had to bring the money in cash and meet them in a backroom.  It was shady beyond comprehension.  But… I did it.  Obviously I knew they were fake.. but my friends and I had a good time.  And we still talk about it fondly.  There’s a Facebook picture with a discussion… I’m sure a picture exists of me talking to one of the vendors…. good times.

That’s the origin of the term tiger fangs.  To me it means being irrationally brave.  But before I forget… I got my current sent of tiger fangs (i’m still trying got seo tiger fangs… haha)… from doing YouTube.  I currently own a channel… with 16K subscribers… mainly males under the age of 18… if you know anything about the internet… this is a demographic that is very opinionated in their views.  Especially about their beloved hobby…  I’m used to be “trolled” on a daily basis.  It’s only made me stronger.. especially online.  And for that I’m thankful.

Whew… that was fun.  5 blogs in an hour plus.  Not too bad.  It’s 3:33am right now.  I have three options play civilization, play pokemon conquest, or start cleaning my home…  regardless I don’t want to sleep… sleep is sooo boring..