I have 4,940 Facebook Friends… How?


Somehow I’ve accumulated almost 5, 000 Facebook friends.  The reason this is problematic is because 5, 000 is the maximal.  My actual friends will no longer be able to add me.  It’s a good thing I care less about my Facebook than even my guttulus twitter.  My guttulus twitter… which I follow no one and only use it for SEO purposes…. is still at 10K followers.  How… I’m not entirely sure who is following and why.  My Facebook is even more of a mystery to me.  I have 700+ friend requests… and I’ve probably asked less than 100 people to be my friend.  My large Facebook numbers is due to people asking me.  

The main reason is due to my lion channel.  My lion channel has almost 20K subscribers.  A bunch of those subscribers follow me.  I advertise my personal Facebook on the lion page with over 3K likes…  so probably half the people follow my personal.  That makes it easier to talk with them… and I’m sure they appreciate talking to a person and not a lion…

After college I had well over 2K… maybe 3K of Facebook friends.  In law school I abandoned Facebook to use linkedin.  I currently have over 6K linkedin connections… which is another story.  At NYU I did 14 orientation sessions and 14 teaching assistant positions.  As well as tutoring and other random stuff.  I’m not going to lie, college was awesome.

I would like to build up my guttulus Facebook page.  Right now it has only 700 likes.  Which compared to my other social media is embarrassingly low.  The Facebook page is the lowest of the group… minus YouTube.  YouTube it’s low… because I haven’t done anything with it yet.  Facebook I tried for a few months and then abandoned it to move onto instagram.  For all my effort on the guttulus instagram it hasn’t paid off.  But it’s okay… I’ve committed to sending money on instagram.  Although it hasn’t yet paid off.  I’m probably doing instagram ppc wrong.  Who knows?  I’ll figure it out soon enough.

In summary, I need to recommit to the guttulus brand.  I’ve ignored it since last June.  And I only still have the top 3 spots for the keyword guttulus.  Now… on the first page I have 6 of the top 10 which is okay… but I want at least the top 5.  Got to move that wikipedia article down.  It has pretty strong rankings and isn’t budging.  When in doubt.. throw advertising money at the problem.