I Hit 8,000,000 Views On YouTube… Why?


I’m somewhat shocked… I have 8 million views on my lion channel.  The channel is around 2 years old…. and it wasn’t even the best channel.  I deleted the best channel because I didn’t feel like having it anymore.  Imagine… what that channel would have been like had I kept it.  I miss my newlawstudent channel immensely.  As I approach 20K in subscribers on my lion channel…. I miss the old channel even more.  Man that was fun.  It’s more fun when you have no idea what you are doing.  Right now I make the same videos day in… day out… it’s rather boring.

8 Million isn’t bad.  I’ll probably reach 10 Million before my birthday in July.  The number is a bit unrealistic… once I reach 10 Million the next goal is 25 Million.  Crazy no?  I hope I enjoy it then as much then as I do today.  It’s not easy.  And it’s not always fun.  Many nights I force myself to make the videos.  The quality suffers a lot… since I make most of the videos after I return home or the dreaded Sunday night.  And like any good Anime…. I use filler.  So much filler content.

I started my newlawstudent channel… and it took off.  I had trouble deal with “trolls” and burned down my original channel.  If that channel still existed… I’m fairly certain it would be at 25 Million views today.  That’s the sad part.  I will never know what that particular channel would become.

On the flip side. I have a new guttulus channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/guttulusmarketing  which now has 400 subscribers… I cheated a bit since I was sort of desperate.  No… everyone is real.  I held a contest on my lion channel and now I’m slowly transition my younger audience into learning about marketing.  Well that’s the plan… I may need to retain them with more contests…. I have more than ample supplies to do so if necessary.

I want the guttulus channel to reach 1, 000 subscribers before the year end… even if I have to push.  On my lion channel I set the goal at 30, 000 which is lofty… but hey I like aiming for the stars.  For I’m going to cross 10M views.  That’s a certainty.  the 30K subscribers is less…  I have other lofty aspirations for this website as well.  I’ll outline that in another blog.