I Left my Laptop Charger at Work



This weekend has been fascinating.  Mainly because I went without a laptop…  There was so much to do this weekend… and I only had my ipad.. which luckily I brought a keyboard for.  At least I had that.  My ipad is in Chinese by the way.  Mainly because I use it for video games. I’m addicted to a Korean basketball game.  I still play with my roommates from NYU.  Gosh… and the Korean racing car game where you drift.  Like Mario cart but better.  I miss going to Korean town with my roommates.  The food is so good and they are open incredibly late.  Sometimes I think about visiting, but there’s so much going on right now… It’s hard for me to even imagine going to my high school reunion… because I’m so swamped.  

A weekend without a laptop was difficult.  I still had to upload my videos for my youtube channels.  My macbook had 3 hours of video uploading life.  It could have been much worst.  But I’m stuck essentially a weekend behind.  And I have to mail things… late.  I hate lateness.  I wasn’t able to film or upload any guttulus videos… that’s the channel I decided to let go of… at least this week.  I have big plans for the guttulus youtube channel.

With just an ipad and a library of graphic design books… I read.  And watched a few horror flicks.  I love horror as a genre.  Although, most horror movies today aren’t scary.  I still scour NetFlix hoping to find one that is.  I watched “the harvest” which was sort of scary.  The concept was scary, but the acting was lackluster and sort of ruined the suspense.