I Love Competition a Little Too Much



Weird blog topic but it is 2:24 at night and I to be honest when I blog.  I love competition.  It’s something I grew up enjoying.  Sometimes it comes off as aggression, but really it’s a desire to learn.  If you have a skill I think is valuable, I want to learn it.  For non-competitive people it sometimes comes off as rude.  But as I’ve told my co-workers all the time, it’s only the desire to push myself to become better.  I tell the social media story often.  The social media manager told me I would never have as many twitter followers… well I have many more.  The same for any social media.  Today everything can be quantified…. or at least most things.  Artwork can be given a price in auction and Wikipedia can report the sale.  If even artwork can be quantified then something like social media, ppc, seo, and marketing in general certainly can.

And that’s what makes marketing an open competition.  The superior marketer will almost always win.  Because there are only a set amount of clients, and more importantly customers for those clients.  It’s not to say a poor marketer can’t make a living… for some time.  But marketers who love their fields will eventually rise to the top.  PPC especially is a competition… I mean it uses an auction system…

Beyond PPC, even something like design can be quantified.  How many people visited your website, how many people liked your behance portfolio, how many people like your Facebook page… etc.  It’s hard for me to fathom a social media expert who doesn’t have good social media themselves.  It’s a little easier to think about a designer who doesn’t have many likes due to not being able to promote himself/herself.  Even in that scenario… great designs get noticed… especially on a social media sharing website where people like and view things.

To put it simply…  it’s easy for people to say they are good at something… it’s also easy to verify if they are telling the truth.  Marketing… is a prime example.  If you can market yourself well… what are you doing in marketing?  Before I end… these are of course my opinions.  They come from my experiences in marketing.