I May Need Better Friends

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An early… or I guess earlier post.  I needed to get something off my chest.  I need better friends.

As personalities go, I’m happy go lucky.  I wake up happy and I go to bed happy.  I don’t dwell on the negatives for long.  The reason I’m making this post is to make a note of something I discovered.  While doing my personal finance accounting, I realized I have a few friends who voraciously take from me.  They take video games, books, free meals, etc.  These friends don’t give back.  The more I dig into my finances the worst I feel.  My credit card statement for June was 3 times higher than it normally is.  Some of the increase can be accounted to fixing my car and unwise purchases.  However, a large chunk relates to toxic friends.

These are the same people who complain about a $100 birthday gift while “forgetting” my birthday gift.  It’s one thing to take, it’s another to take and be rude.

The correct decision is to distance myself because they aren’t really my friends.  I value friendship incredibly high, but the question is are they my friends?  Which the answer is no, friends don’t act like they do.