Ick It’s 4am… Seriously?



I took a small break from blogging and now it’s 4am… what?  I not sure where the time goes.  It just disappears.  I could have swore it was 2am a few seconds ago.  All I did was organize the room…. and the room isn’t even that organized.  I’m going to finish this segment of blogs.  Because if I don’t… I won’t until later.. when I don’t have a choice.  I’ll leave the other two blogs for later this week.  The problem with weekends is I stack all my errands through the week.  I then hope that Saturday and Sunday are enough to do the errands and advance my skill set. It turns out it is not.  Even the epic background music that I have playing isn’t keeping me awake.

I mange my time pretty well considering the various things I accomplish every single week.  Video production along is sort of insane.  But add onto it blogs and coding… It’s hard to have time for much else.  And when I make time for other things… I’m doing either a poorer quality or not doing the job at all.

Oh I know where the time went.  I played with my kitten.  Haha…that explains how it’s 2 hours later.  I’m training him to use the litter box.  He’s almost completely litter box trained.  There is an issue with one of his back legs.  He injured it previously.  It’s supposed to heal naturally.

I haven’t named the kitten yet.  It’s a male. Mostly likely… I’ll name him after a pokemon.  Maybe an absol. I’ll be in good shape tomorrow if I can resist the urge to play video games or civilization right now.  2 blogs remaining and probably 7 more videos.  Tomorrow will be busy…  Laundry/Dishes and I’m sure other things will come up… they always do.  I’m behind in making my pitch for loans as well.

But I’m happy and reset.  I need to start exercising and eating healthy again.  I’ve had junk food for the last few weeks… which makes me languished.  That’s the last piece I need to change… then I should be recharged for another 2 weeks. Article… Oh I probably can published those tomorrow instead of blogs.  Hey that might work.