I’m Going to Become a Developer



I’ve committed.  The next step is to unlock my teamtreehouse account.  23, 000 points… haha.  It was a lot of learning.  I like their platform.  It’s elegant and encourages aggressive learning.  Sort of like law school.. but without the final counting for your entire grade.  I love it.  And I love coding.  When properly motivated I can pick up a skill set rather quickly.  At this junction I’m fully motivated.  I’m glad… I have most fun when I’m competing.  The stronger the rival the better.  I’m one of those people at the gym who “ghost compete.”  I can learn other ways.  But competition is what truly motivates me.  And being told I’m not as good as someone….

The other thing that drives me is when people don’t expect you to understand.  When someone tell me I can’t do PPC or SEO… I go into “watch me” mode.  It’s not that I don’t work well within teams.  I played a lot of Baseball and Soccer when I was younger.  And I won a bunch of “teammate” awards.  IMO there is no better team sport thank soccer.  I just love to compete.  I’m a little long in tooth to be competing in sports.  Community soccer isn’t that fun anymore.  And gym memberships I don’t want to commit to.  I play a more aggressive level than would be acceptable for a neighborhood league.

I don’t hate losing.  Actually, I enjoying learning after I lose.  I’m just not a fan of people believing I can’t do something.  In many ways it’s a a weird mix of confidence, motivation, and the all important moxy.