I’m in a Good Mood


I’ve been in a good mood as of late.  I’ve learned a lot.  Learning makes me happy.  I learned how to create an e-commerce website.  How to do advance Facebook Ads.  And I’m learning K2.  I love K2…. very cool stuff.  One of the better weeks I had in a while.  I got a bunch of proposals out and I’m generally in the holiday mood.  I have a lot that I’m looking forward to next year.  This year was pretty good. I accomplished everything I wanted.  Got a lot better at PPC.  Delved into making PPC software.  And own my own company.  Not everything was easy.  But that’s because it’s not meant to be.  I also learned how to leave a development team and survived 8 late night code sprints in a row. I’m feeling pretty accomplished.

The one quirk about me… is negativity feeds me.  Largely why I still operate my YouTube channel.  I like the negativity.  It reminds me to always be better and do better each day.  It’s a minor jolt.  Of course, I’m exaggerating… my YouTube channel isn’t all negative things.  My goal is to finish up these two blogs and buffer everything.  This website launched in July and I’m very happy with the progress I made so far.  There’s a lot more I want to do with it… but I need to find some more time.

It’s nice to read an old blog… well relatively old and think… oh well did I really think that?  This blog is just stream of consciousness about my thoughts.  I sort of like it this way.  It’s a nice cool off.  Also it’s 2:30am… and I don’t have a code sprint tonight.  Means I can work late and work from home tomorrow. Work from home is always uber productive.  I have to get a few other proposals out there and try to fix Facebook ads for multiple clients.  That’s something else I’m happy I learned this year.  Facebook Ads.  And to a lesser extent Bing.

This year has been great in terms of what I learned.  Coding was a big one.  I’m still not very good… but I’m getting a lot better.  Spending an hour a day means eventually you get there.  As long as you grind it out.  As for my team.  I have a good one I like a lot.  It doesn’t need to be bigger than it currently is.  A startup cannot support dead weight.  Dead weight… drags down the whole team.  I do have this issue… where people expect me to train them, pay them, and then do all the work.  It sounds unrealistic… since you hire them because they have PPC experience.  And you would think they knew what a z in front of an account meant.  Basic things…

As for bad experiences… I like having them to motivate me.  Nothing motivates me more than a bad experience.  It motivates me to figure out what went wrong and experiment with it next time.  Without bad experiences… I’d just live day to day doing the same thing.  My motivations have always been that chip on the shoulder.   It’s not a burden… it’s more of strength.