I’m in the Mood to Binge Code


Since I’ve been sick until today…. I haven’t had a change to binge code.  Binge coding is exhausting.  I code until I pass out.  at my desk….  I guess it’s a tradition since College.  I was aways cramming even when I didn’t need to.  New York city was awesome when you are younger.  But you never have time to properly study.  There was always something better to do.  Hence the cramming.  Oh… I miss my study group.  Like a lot.  A bunch of slackers with straight A’s that didn’t begin studying until a few nights before.

Coding is like a craving.  When you have it you really want to code.  Hard to explain.  Not an addiction, just a craving.  I’m going to work on my github this weekend.  And finish off swift on team tree house.  I’m currently ranked 21…. not a good number.  If you are not ranked 1, you are ranked last…

I’ll spend some time cleaning up my PPC accounts.  And creating some more documents for the google partners community.  I haven’t done this in a while.  And maybe some sales.  Sales is sort of addicting too.  When you achieve success in sales you just want more.  And more and more.

A highly productive weekend would include doing a few blogs.  Getting 10 guttulus videos.  And finishing my lion videos.  As well as finishing swift 2.0  learning.  And pruning my PPC accounts. That would be great.  On another note… I’ve given up the keyword guttulus.  It doesn’t feel right to keep it.  After all it’s a threatened animal.  I’ll go after a different set of keywords.

I should do cleaning and laundry today.  To get it over with.  Oops.. Laundry.  Meh.   Actually… it’s valentines weekend.  Sundays is gone.  Or Saturday.  Haha.   One of the two.  I should check. There’s also a fun gathering this weekend.  I’m trying to be productive and not go out since Anime Matusuri and GP Houston are coming up on the same weekend.  And fire emblem is releasing this month…. on the 19th which is a friday.  Hence two back to back weekends accounted for.  Meaning.. I need to get to coding today to keep my rank high.