I’m Not Good at Saving Money


Saving money is hard.  I’m a pro at spending it.. which means something.  This weekend will be a bloodbath on my wallet.  Two events… I’m hoping to be in the positive… but it’s uncertain.  Why is it always uncertain?  Anyways I’m saving up for a home.  I have nearly enough money to move to a new home.  Which is exciting.

What is not exciting is all the random bills I will need to pay when I do.  Plus the house tours.  Or whatever.  On another note….  going on lunch dates are much cheaper than dinner dates.  Hence, I will continue to go on lunch dates.  I looked at the credit card statement… and woah.. did that simple change save me a lot of money.

That being said.. I purchased monster hunter and fire emblem… yes the fire emblem I told myself I wasn’t going to buy.  And some other stuff….  I’m not proud that I gave in to buying the things I did… but hopefully I can recover some of the money this weekend.

I’m also saving for my new camera… it’s $1,000 with out the lens and $1200 with the lens.  However it shoots in 4K which is something I can’t live without.  Who knows I might even begin my PPC tutorial videos since I have to justify spending that cheddar somehow.  I’m extremely excited for that… and the camera doesn’t even have a release date yet.

March should be a good month.  February was okay… but it was just okay.  March I have big plans.  Haha… every new month I have big plans.  If I can convert on half of the plans I make… it’s a success.

I’ll probably take a vacation which in startup terms is like a Sunday off.  Startup life has been more draining than normal.  Not sure why or how to fix this issue.  However… fix it I must.  In terms of social life… I’ve limited mine to make more time for sale…  yes sales.  I’m getting to meet “fans” this weekend.  I’m not sure what to make of this.  But it’s pretty cool.  The first “fan” I met was 3 years ago.  He was from the UK.  Good times.  Simpler times.