Which Immigration Form Do I Need? 25 Facts


Which Immigration Form Do I Need? 25 Facts 

Without the necessary background information, immigration processes can be painstaking. Moreover, without awareness of all the options available, one can easily go for a less viable alternative. In this light, below are some core facts concerning immigration forms needed in different instances.

Green card renewal

To actualize green card renewal, one will have to make use of the form I-90, downloadable from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIC) site. A green card is only valid for 10 years, after which, renewal is necessary. It is advisable to commence the renewal process 6 months preceding the expiry date.

Green card replacement

Just like other documents, green cards undergo natural degradation, loss, defacement, etc. In such cases, individuals can replace them by making use of the I-90 form.

Application for US Citizenship

After being a US resident for 5 years through different immigration processes such as a green card, for example, one can apply for US citizenship using the N-400 form. Those married to US citizens only have to wait for 3 years and applicant must be over 18 years of age.

Family based green card

To apply for a family green card, the I-130 form will suffice. The form attracts an application fee of $535, and only nuclear family members are eligible (mother, father, children)

Visa application

To apply for a visa, one will need DS-160 documents which enable requests for various permits as per one’s needs. Popular visas include B-1 for business, B-2 for medical attention/tourism, etc.

Deferred action for childhood arrivals

Otherwise called DACA (form I-821D), one has to satisfy given conditions such as having gained entry into the US before 16yrs of age, resided in the country since 15th June 2007, have basic educational certificates, etc.

Status adjustment

Any beneficiary of a successfully filed and completed immigration process must make use of the I-435 form which changes one’s status to permanent residence. Application attracts a fee of $1,140.

Documents of proof

Almost all immigration processes call for personal forms and documents of proof such as school, medical, military and financial records, etc.

Extending visa stay

To extend visa period after expiry of the stipulated time, persons need the I-539 form. Success depends on fulfillment of the given conditions and the nature of one’s visa.

Visa change

Some visas are constrictive and, therefore, necessitate a change to access more amenities and resources. In such scenarios, one will have to use the I-539 forms to request visa change.

Applying for a visa extension for nuclear family members

To apply for visa extension for family members in the case of expired or about to expire visas, the I-539 form will again come in handy. However, the same is only possible for nuclear family members.

Refugee permit

For refugees seeking entry into the country, the form I-131 should be used based on whether one wants to become a conditional or permanent resident. There are several pre-requisites one has to fulfill, though.

Re-entry application

Residents and non-residents re-entering the country have to file for a re-entry permit which is also called the I-131 form.

Replacing naturalization certificate

Defaced, lost, or tattered naturalization certificates can be replaced by making use of the N-565 form. USCIC application fee for the same is $555.

Change of details

By preference, marriage, or any other occurrence; one can change naturalization certification details as desired by also using the N-565 form.

Citizenship application by law

One may want to pursue American citizenship through legal means such as through claims, etc. In such a scenario, the N-600 form, whose application attracts a $1170 fee, is to be used.

Restrictions removal

Some forms of gaining citizenship come with limiting restrictions than many desire to get rid of. To do so, persons can utilize the I-751 form.

Work permit

Otherwise called the I-765 form, successful application grants the legal permission to work and get paid in the US.

Duplicate approval

Duplicate approval is needed in some cases like when immigrants desire to reunite family in the U.S. To actualize the same, an individual requires the I-838 form.

Correcting/updating arrival-departure records

To update, correct, or replace arrival-departure records, the I-102 form has to be utilized.

Sponsoring a foreigner

If a US resident desires to sponsor an alien in pushing for citizenship, visa application, etc., affidavit of support forms, otherwise called I-102 make the same possible.

Applying for temporary protected status

To get temporary protection in the U.S due to war at home, or any other factor, (provided one is already in the country) the I-821 form has to be filled, and success will depend on whether an individual meets all the given demands.

Fiancé(e) Petition

It is possible to facilitate fiancé(e) immigration into the US by using the I-129F form.

Address change

As an immigrant pending granting of citizenship, one has to notify immigration of major decisions such as an address change by downloading and filling AR-11/AR-11S forms.

Passport waiver application

To apply for a waiver of visa, passport, or both, the I-193 form is to be utilized.

In conclusion, though only application fees for a few of the forms have been mentioned, all form submissions come with a given fee. In all instances, an additional $85 for biometrics has to paid. For renewal of documents susceptible to expiry such as Visas, it is best to commence the related process early to avoid any friction with authorities.