What immigration problems are in the news today? 25 issues


What immigration problems are in the news today? 25 issues   

Plenty of immigration problems have been reported across the US and most have made headlines especially with the executive orders by president Trump being implemented. The 25 top issues arising include:

International terminals are crowded

International terminals in US airports are crowded with chaos and uncertainty surrounding the entry of loved ones into the US with the executive orders in full gear.

Student Visas are being revoked

Students who had travelled to their home countries over the winter break are facing shock as several of them have had their Visas revoked.

Individuals are being deported

Individuals already at the US airports when the executive orders were signed have faced deportations back to countries of origin which has affected operations.

Restrictions on High-Skilled immigration

High-skilled immigrations into the US are bound to have massive restrictions which has made multinationals like Apple to lobby against the travel and immigration bans.

Uncertainty for approximately 728, 000 individuals under DACA

The individuals who entered the US under the DACA program are facing uncertainty with Trump intimating that undocumented individuals will face scrutiny.

Re-entry to the US is being blocked

Individuals with valid Visas who had traveled outside the US are facing a hard time in trying to re-enter the country with revocations in full gear.

Dual nationals are affected by executive orders

The dual nationals are also facing an uncertain future with the executive orders looking to reevaluate their value and ideology of the US.

Work Visas are being counterchecked

The counterchecking of work Visas and the revocation of some that are not high-skilled or special demand is a concern for immigrants looking to work in the US.

Travel from certain countries is blocked

A major news item in the immigration field is the travel ban that has been placed on individuals travelling to the US from select countries.

Refugee admission is suspended

The suspension of admission of any refugees from across the world for four months has hit people hard with individuals wondering whether they will continue to have a safe haven in the US.

Blocked entry of those fleeing war and violence

Citizens of war torn countries are being blocked from entering the US without the valid paperwork from their respective nations.

Admission numbers for war refugees cut in half 50, 000

An issue making news is the directive by president trump to reduce the number of refugees that can be admitted from the whole world to 50,000 down from in excess of 110,000.

Refugee in-Person interviews are suspended

A significant immigration problem is the suspension of In-Person interviews carried out on refugees which speeds up the issuance of Visas for individuals seeking asylum in the US.

Fear of deportation for undocumented individuals

A major immigration problem is the fear that undocumented individuals have concerning deportation with Trump intimating that details and filed information must be available for them to remain in the US.

Delayed issuance of Visas

With the new setups and guidelines, the issuance of Visas has been delayed owing to extreme vetting and background checks by immigration offices.

Revocation of F-1 Visa holders

F-1 Visa holders are facing uncertain times with the revocation of the Visas becoming a reality with every passing day and this has raised major concern among immigrants.

A halt of processing of Syrian refugees

Syrian refugees are facing uncertainty with the executive orders by Trump halting the processing of the refugees fleeing on humanitarian grounds.

State department stops issuing Visas for Syrian Nationals

The directive by Trump has dictated to the state department that it should stop the issuing of Visas to Syrian nationals which leaves individuals in the balance as to their safety and status.

Uncertainty over enforcement of state and local immigration laws

In the current setup, confusion has arisen as to how the enforcement of state and local immigration laws will be carried since there are many shifting and contradicting policies.

Working of the extreme vetting process

The controversy surrounding how the extreme vetting process will be carried out has been a bone of contention with many wondering the effectiveness and impartiality with which the process will be implemented.

90 day ban on entry from Muslim majority nations

An immigration problem making headlines is the 90 day ban on entry into the US for individuals from countries including Yemen, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Iran and Somalia.

Legality of extreme vetting rules

The extreme vetting rules are under scrutiny with the international community and other humanitarian organizations questioning the legality of the same.

Uncertainty over US refugee resettlement program

The US refugee resettlement program has been a major success in the recent past but uncertainty has surrounded its survival owing to Trump signing an executive order that temporarily restricts entry of refugees.

Valid Visa holders afraid of travelling

An item that has come to light recently is the issue of Visa holders being afraid of travelling with the executive orders blocking re-entry into the US for valid Visa holders who have not been vetted.

Future of Visa waivers and exemptions

The uncertainty surrounding the Visa waivers and exemption rules has made news with many intimating that the future of the policies is under threat with new vetting rules coming into play.