How to Improve the Video Experience with Ads Designed for Mobile Viewing. 25 tips


How to Improve the Video Experience with Ads Designed for Mobile Viewing. 25 tips          

Improving the video experience with Ads designed for mobile viewing is a crucial component of marketing that ensures engagement is kept at a top setting. 25 tips to aid with the improving of the video experience include:

Target In-Ad engagement

An interactive video is what users need in terms of video experience and in-Ad engagement is what provides the right relation on mobile devices.

Instigate incentive to engage

The best way to create a favorable video experience with Ads for mobile viewing is instigating an incentive to engage including offers and highlights.

Structure a direct-response component

With direct-response components, it is possible to create engagement and improve video experience on the mobile viewing front.

Overt calls-to-action

The beauty of overt calls-to-action is their potential to improve the interactive potential of a video including convincing users to go through the conversion stage.

Include clickable buttons

Clickable buttons are instrumental when it comes to optimizing the video experience as opposed to the underlined texts.

Capture users’ bandwidth

The best way to improve video experience is to capture the users’ bandwidth which can enable them have high quality streaming on HTTP web servers.


A marketer must utilize HTML5 VPAID to enhance the video experience which becomes effective when running interactive videos pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll.

Capture native players

The ultimate step to improving video experience with Ads for mobile viewing is capturing native players. This is applicable even when running HTML5 VPAID, with the alternative being to downgrade to VAST.

Use desktop best practices

The best approach to have with videos for mobile viewing is to structure them to be 15-second videos for short content and 30-second videos for long content following in with the desktop best practices.

Include a skip button

The inclusion of a skip button has been a sensitive angle for marketers but it serves a crucial role with interruptive videos that come up for instance between games on mobile devices.

Set native formats to play in-feed

a marketer should be able to set the native formats to play in-feed which not only serves to enhance the video experience but also improves user experience.

Structure lower-third highlights

Lower-third highlights are what improve the video experience for mobile Ads since they ensure a user is able to get the wholesome orientation of the video.

Utilize geo-targeting

Being able to utilize geo-targeting is what ensures a video is able to breed relevance which contributes to the effective lowering of wasted impressions with the videos.

Structure social buttons for sharing

A strategy for enhancing the experience a user gets with Ads designed for mobile viewing is the inclusion of social buttons for sharing on the videos.

Instill closed captioning

The ultimate approach to improving the video experience for mobile Ads is instilling closed captioning which structures visual cues that capture attention.

Use headlines

Headlines breed curiosity and ensure a user is able to delve deeper to find out what the video message is all about and it serves as a strategy for enhancing the video experience.

Enticing videos without sound

Creating enticing videos that can be viewed without sound is crucial since native players autoplay and with people resisting the intrusive videos that interrupt, it serves as the best option.

Structure two-part strategy

A unique way to improve the video experience with Ads tuned for mobile viewing is structuring a two-part strategy where a shorter snip with option to tap through to the interactive longer Ad is implemented.

Add captions

Captions not only serve as a communication tool but improve the overall interaction a user makes with a video designed for mobile viewing.

Striking visuals are key

The goal of striking visuals is to create heightened anxiety and this is key in ensuring that a video is able to create the desired effect of improving the video experience.

Inclusion of brand or logo

When seeking to improve the video experience, the inclusion of a brand or logo serves as an identification tool that attracts and builds the level of confidence that the target audience has in the video.

Base on special offers

Users are drawn to special offers and including the same in the videos is a way of ensuring that target audience responds positively to the videos.

Utilize A/B testing

Utilizing the A/B testing schedule is crucial since it ensures optimizations are captured that improve the video orientation ensuring mobile viewers get the ultimate experience.


The video chosen for an Ad should be relevant in terms of what the Ad is all about and how the target audience relates to it.

Intuitive user interface

Improving the video experience with Ads for mobile requires an intuitive user interface since the appearance serves as an important indicator of what a user can expect.