Instagram Advertising is Not Working at All


I’m not going to lie to you… of all the social medias I own… I love instagram the most.  I can’t explain it to you why. I believe it’s due to one of our graphic designers saying that I’m terrible at instagram and she’s better…. haha…  I love competition.  I hit over 1, 000 followers before New Years.  Which was a surprise and a nice way to start.  A sign of all the good things to come this year.  I’m sure.  Now I’m pushing with my lion channel.  I spent a few dollars.. on instagram ads.  I got a lot of likes on the ads which aren’t connected to your instagram account.  The ads exist only on your Facebook ad platform.

I spent time creating various ads to A/B test.  I found an ad that was doing much better and ran with it.  I would get 50 likes a day on the ad… but no one followed.  The action item is to follow not to like the ad… I reconfigured.. and still nada.  Now I’m doing a different tactic.  I have to utilize the lion channel as much as I can.  I haven’t integrated lion with guttulus… That was a mistake.  Times have gotten desperate and I’m not making the expected progress.  Time to guarantee the results.

I forget the goal I set at the beginning of the year for instagram.  My goal is 2,500.  It’s reasonable and obtainable if I keep grinding and change my instagram just a tad to incorporate some lion themes.  I’m sure most of my lion subscribers don’t even know I have another set of social media.

Guttulus Twitter is at 10K while Lion Twitter is at 1K.  However Guttulus Facebook Page is only at 700 while Lion Facebook Page is at 3K.  Guttulus YouTube is a meager 400 subs.. while Lion YouTube is almost at 20K.  And of course… guttulus has the instagram account.  Someone did make a fake lion account on instagram.  Go figure.

Again of all the social media I own… including my personal batch… I just want instagram to do well.  I’ve worked extremely hard… and I only have 1K followers to show for it…  Oh and behance.  I have to work my guttulus behance… and github.  Or and yes the guttulus coding… also important.