Instagram Marketing is Weird


I spent my first $20 dollars on instagram advertising which is really just Facebook advertising.  I lost followers…  I’m not sure how that’s possible… but it happened.  I’m learning….  I have to develop a more clear instagram account.  I don’t really know who my audience is.  And I don’t have a tone set for the account yet.  Lots of things I need to fix… Right now it’s just a hodge podge of my interests.  Which doesn’t… work on instagram.  You need laser focus.

I get YouTube, PPC, and SEO.  But every platform is different. I reached 1,000 followers before 2016 which was unexpected.  Since then I haven’t made any progress… I’ve gone backwards.  A few days of going backwards is enough for me to pull the plug on my current ads and make a new one.  The content isn’t good.  And the advertising message is poor…. time to optimize.

What I have to figure is context of platform.  Instagram is photo and video heavy.  But the platform is different.  I’ve been reading instagram advertising articles for the last two hours…. It’s still pretty new.  Meaning, instagram is incredibly cheap… but there aren’t great strategies… at least publicly available.  If I can master it while it’s cheap… that would be fantastic.

As for today, I had a productive Sunday.  I almost started playing fire emblem again… but I stopped myself.  I did binge on some marketing videos.  Including linkedin.  I’ve made a lot of progress on linkedin.  I’ll have over 4,000 connections by February for sure which puts me ahead of schedule.  Everything else… I’m sort of behind.  I’m not sure why… I’m spending just about the same time I spent last year.  I want to get to a fast start and then ride out the momentum.

 The blogging is going well.  I know it’s early… but I like it enough.  And I figured out a new schedule. Blog every Friday and Sunday.  Those are my favorite days to sit down and listen to Taylor Swift… while writing these.  It’s nice to get a few of these ahead of the video schedule.  Those have been consistent.