It Dawns on Me – May 25

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It looks like it will be a brutal night of working.  This weekend was crazy.  It was a fun vacation, not a relaxing one.  I got to work from home Thursday and Friday which was exactly what I imagine having your own business is like.  You work more than normal, but on stuff that you really want to work on.

I picked up one of my Cats who has been sick and away from the home for four day on Friday.  I then spent the rest of the night playing with her.

The next day I woke up, and tutored… until 3pm.  Then it was time to take an epic nap.  And head out to Comicpalooza to help a friend with her art gallery booth.  Then back home at 6am… yes that’s when the sun first comes out.

Slept in.  And woke up late Sunday.  To begin filming and editing videos for my hobby channel.  Hey that channel takes up a lot of my time.

And then Monday. I don’t really comprehend how it’s Monday already.  It seems like I must have done something in between Sunday and Today.  But hey I guess it was a good weekend.

Oh I remember.  Sunday I spent a lot of time with a lost dog trying to find it’s owner.  And thankfully.  I mean wow the storms are bad.  And the dog was super wet.  And today I played Pokemon most of the day and at 11pm begin setting up my YouTube Channel.