It’s 5am… I want to watch the Sunrise



In college I would pull all nighters twice a week.  Thursdays into Fridays and Saturdays into Sundays.  My productivity was scary during these times of night especially if I was working from the student library.  After midnight the top floors of the library closed and everyone was moved into the basements.  You sort of know who will be where, since the crowd is the same.  At that time of night it’s mostly graduate students, but some “regulars.”   Part of the fun of working so late at night is the silence.  It sounds weird, but when everyone else is sleeping and I’m working… it’s satisfying.

I’m going to end this blog short, because I have a few things I need to finish before the sunrises at 6:52.  I’ve thought about enrolling in a simple coding class (which I won’t show up for) just to use the student library.  May be a masters class.  I really want to study in a library that’s open 24 hours.  I work office is open 24 hours and I can get a key for it.  Plus it’s downtown Houston, which means double dinners (don’t judge.. I like food).  We will see….