It’s 5pm Already… What?!



I’m not sure where my Saturday went.  I purchased a ladder at Walmart and had lunch with a few friends… but time passes by so fast.  Isn’t it weird?  The more things I have to do… the less time I have for them.  My friends are coming over tomorrow and if I’m ambitious I can even do a pitch…. which I should probably work on tonight.  I was going to take a cat nap and play some civilization… but probably a horrible plan if I want to make the most out of today.  There are videos I need to record and scripts I need to create.

On the bright side, the home will be presentable to my friends.  And I now have a ladder and enough food for the upcoming week.  My sleep cycle is still
horrendous.  And I need some R & R so I decided to stay home.  Life has been interesting.  I’ve certainly eaten well this week and been productive.  I need more time.  I’ve given up tutoring and volunteering, but I may need to cut something else.   I do feel bad… since I got a barrage of texts and emails asking for SAT and ACT help.  It would be unwise for me to commit to any students.  Which brings me to my YouTube channel. I’m pondering whether to cut it or keep it.  It’s not time intensive and it has a positive net.  Therefore it’s difficult to let go of it.  However, it’s really the only other thing I can cut.  I have to think about this.

I might take off the rest of today… since I know tomorrow will be busy.  It might be nice to have an afternoon by myself… to read books.  All those books I have…