It’s Always So Late…



I don’t understand where the time goes.  It was a semi-productive weekend.  I spent a bit more money on useless things than I should have.  I’ve picked up a nasty tendency to buy things I can’t use.  Good food is one thing… but some of the things I purchase… I don’t think are useful to anyone.  Part of being bored I guess.  This weekend was supposed to allow me to reset and think… but as usual when I task myself with producing numerous videos… it’s pretty much an entire day dedicated to making videos.. and waiting for them to upload.  And now football… I love watching football… so that takes the other day.   And I read… so weekends are rather fulfilling.  I’ll be just fine.

The only thing I would change is… to not make my guttulus videos Sunday night… it’s actually Monday morning.  It would be better if I didn’t procrastinate.  And blogging every day instead of stacking them when I know I don’t have enough content.  Not much has changed since college…

I am excited for October.  October is my favorite month.  Lots of interesting cons and Halloween.  I’ll likely take a trip to Dallas.  And new apartment!!!! I think.  I have to start looking.  I’m fairly certain I don’t want a roommate. Not worth it.  Worst case I’ll grab a place off Sage… The only thing I didn’t like about that apartment was the price.  Price aside, it was actually a very nice place to live.

And I can get more cats….  lots more.  I’ll probably need to get an extra room to store my library.  It’s funny… of all the things I wanted in life… a library was the most important.  I place such a high value on learning and physical books… are tied together.  There is nothing better than holding a book and falling asleep to a good story.  That’s never going to change.

It’s about time to head off to sleep.  This weekend’s productivity level wasn’t terrible.  Not stellar  either.  It’s better to stay hungry.