It’s Been a Weird Few Days


All of this late night coding is getting to me.  Another 4am…. morning.  the 7th one in a role.  7 is too much…. it’s just enough to mess with your sleep schedule.  Anyways….  since Friday I’ve been binge watching and playing video games.  I didn’t even go grocery shopping.  I’m not sure if bingeing is really a bad behavior.  I binge on coding and projects the same way I do on video games.  Sundays are always a terrible day where I have to make proposals, get videos up. Etc.  I’m hoping to set up my buffer for this week.  Life has been busy.  I’m in Dallas right now and not looking forward to the drive back to Houston.  I could have got back around 2am but it was raining and I was tired.

The projects I’m working on are fun… but exhausting and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.  Getting Facebook on the phone is difficult… but I did it.  And the CallDrive project, I’ve been pretty hands off.  I’m not entirely sure what it is or what has been done.  And what is left to do.

I’ve binged on Fate Stay Zero which is pretty good.  I’ve completed most of the new Tomb Raider.  The graphics are good but the plot is lacking.  It wasn’t as good as the first remake.  I was disappointed.  But Fallout is awesome.  Too addicting… and I’m only 25% done.  The gameplay is good and the plot is decent.  Lots of plot holes but at least it wasn’t Tomb Raider.

I have a batch of videos I need to make tomorrow… including a long packaging video.  Don’t ask me why my subscribers like watching me package things.  I’m not sure.  The first rule in marketing… just do what works.  Which brings me to why these fews days have been weird…. coding sprints.  Coding sprints are fun for the first 2 hours… and then they become a nightmare.  Things break… you fix them… they break again.  And when you combine multiple nights of sprinting… you hit a wall.  Productivity declines drastically and you really should take a day off.  But I didn’t.

Having a weekend where I literally do nothing productive is nice.  However, I can’t afford to do that.  I have to push myself to finish these blogs and hopefully have a productive Sunday.  There are a few proposals I need to get out.  As well as PPC related things for me to do.  And I need to drive back from Dallas.  Oh good.