It’s Not Late. It’s Early!

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Well, it is.  There’s something haunting about working late into the night.  Time passes by fast, but I also get a terrible amount of useful things done.  And I normally have fun doing it.

Today, I went to work out for an hour (my gym is 24 hours).  Came back and then did some coding and worked on my website.  This website.

The only issue I’m currently facing is there are a lot of expenses.  I made several buying errors recently.  The first was buying a library of books I may not have time to read.  I love reading but given my work, volunteer, and tutoring scheduling, I don’t have much time to sit down with a book. I have to make time, therefore buying an entire library was probably not wise.   I also went to several conventions which eats into money and time.

And I decided to help someone… pretty much pro bono… or at a severe discount.  Sometimes I can be too nice.  It’s not that I won’t get something, it’s the cost of opportunity.

And the car had to get fixed for 1200 and I brought a ticket to spend the Fourth a July with my sister.  And I brought an ipad.  And I brought anime related merchandise that I broke in transit.  And I brought a video game collection.

Alone, it’s not a big deal.  But my credit card bill is 3 times higher than normal (yes a lot of that is stuff I need like car repairs etc).   And of course there are other issues I have concerns about.

Well, all you can do is smile and work hard.