I’ve Always Wanted to be an Artist


Art was something I enjoy immensely.  Ever since I took art classes in elementary school I’ve love sketching and drawing.  I took manga drawing classes in middle school and high school.  Those were a lot of fun.  My senior project was a Manga series which I published online.  There’s something about creating your own characters that’s very appealing to me.  In many ways it similar to having your own startup.  You live the adventure.

One of my deepest regrets is not pursuing art as more of a job.  I was a pre-med major in college and went to law school.  I didn’t have time to work on my artwork.  And more importantly I really didn’t have the passion to do so.  As I get older, it’s one of those things I’m most envious of… when I see other people who are able to produce artwork full time.

When I first moved to Houston I worked at an art crawl/ art exhibit.  The image of an artist starving is an antiquated concept.  True artistic talent tends to rise to the top.  It’s true for whatever you do.  If you are the best at something… you will have no difficulty finding a job in that field.

On the flip side, I have met talented artist who don’t understand what their value is.  Their work is excellent but they aren’t great at marketing themselves.  One of the biggest issue is asking to be paid what they are worth.  In marketing, graphic designers are paid what they ask for.  There is a top echelon of designers who warrant 6 figures. It depends on a lot of factors… if I had to choose one, I would say evolution.  When you are a designer you have to evolve with the trends.  The only way you can do this is if you are aware of upcoming trends.  Hence, you have to spend time learning new things all the time.

I had the opportunity to take a summer internship at an Art Exhibit at the end of my Junior year.  I choose not to.  It paid about the same… as I was going to get paid doing orientation and chemistry recitation… I’m not sure why I didn’t choose the art internship… The better question is how I even got the offer.

I’m fortunate marketing is close to art…. sort of.  If I ever fall into a large sum of money… I’ll give being an artist a try… which I know ironically is sort of the opposite of what most people think art should be.  Well funded art ventures are the best type.