Java Software Developer Resume Template in Houston Texas



• Proven experience in developing Java-based applications
• Solid understanding of basic OO design principles and patterns
• Wide area of expertise that includes multi-tier web applications, web portals, search applications and backend information processing systems

• Experienced in all lifecycle phases of development, starting from user requirement gathering, business requirement analysis, architecture and design, user interface design, module and component implementation, testing and quality assurance, rollout to production environment
• Experienced in developing both front-end and back-end sides of the project

Java SE, Collections API, Java EE, Spring Framework, Spring MVC, Servlets, JSP/JSTL, Apache Tiles, JPA, Hibernate, ORM, JDBC, REST, SOAP, JAXB, jUnit, HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Morris JS, Raphael JS, SVG, SQL, XML, AJAX, NoSQL

Development techniques

Object-oriented programming and design (OOP, OOD), Design Patterns, Algorithms and Data Structures, Inversion of Control (IoC), Dependency Injection (DI), Code generation, Agile

Servers and Middleware

Apache Tomcat, Apache Solr, MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Operating systems
Mac OS X, Windows (7, 8.1, Server), Linux
IDEs and tools
NetBeans, Eclipse, STS, Git, Maven, SourceTree, JIRA, FishEye, Telosys Tools Generator

• implemented new web service API methods for catalog creation
• designed and implemented test cases for the newly created API using jUnit
• introduced and implemented significant enhancement to the catalog integration workflow by providing checking large catalog product set for duplicates before persisting them in the underlying MongoDB storage to preserve correct statistics data without affecting existing business logic
• resolved various issues on both front-end and back-end sides of the system
• participated in weekly sprint meetings and daily sync-up meetings with the team via Skype

1) Developed and deployed full-text search system for foundation of scientific reports and research works.
• configured and deployed Apache Solr search server, designed and described XML schema of document repository
• processed large volume of input data from diversified sources by writing and utilizing Python and Perl scripts. The processing included reformatting input XML files to Solr-compatible format, extracting PDF text layers and merging the layers and XML content into a single output document to be indexed
• designed and implemented AJAX-based search GUI utilizing Ajax-Solr (jQuery-based library) and Twitter Bootstrap front-end framework. The GUI is composed of multiple widgets, such as facets widget (results grouping by categories), search query text input with autocomplete feature, pagination, current search parameters management and search result view
By the moment, the search system contains over 3 million documents in its index and has served to a few hundreds of users for 3+ years. Minor changes were introduced throughout the time of usage.

2) Developed an information system for collecting and accessing structured metadata and documents related to collaborating institutions (based on Spring Framework)
• designed PostgreSQL database schema for the given problem domain
• collaborated with data production team to ensure database population with initial data
• designed and implemented Spring MVC portal application for the end users to submit and update their data
• designed and implemented end-point interface for centralized access to the collected data and a dashboard for managing users
• provided search capabilities to the system by setting up Apache Solr server and indexing database data and rich content files using SolrJ and Apache Tika
• developed search GUI (utilizing SolrJ, Spring MVC, JSP) that features capability of searching by a simple text query, grouping search results by categories, pagination and storing performed queries in the database
The system has been successfully deployed to the customer-side production environment and is used by approximately 100 major scientific institutions.

3) Developed an information system for accounting scientific reports and research works.
• based on given specification, implemented services for building document statistics and displaying it on JS-based charts (morris.js) and interactive SVG map (using Raphael JS library). The backend part is based on existing Solr index and is implemented by using its API (SolrJ) to take advantage of facet groupings and stats component to build output data to be displayed on the front-end side
• generated boilerplate code utilizing Apache Velocity based Telosys Tools Generator against existing database schema. The boilerplate code includes domain model objects (one per database table) and their corresponding controllers, service beans, DAOs and REST APIs that contain basic CRUD operations signatures and implementations. Having taken advantage of the code generator drastically reduced the overall development time, from 1 year initially estimated down to 6 months
• implemented business logic on the generated code base. The business logic includes user registration and account management, and various functions for information card management (create, edit, quit edit mode, delete, create copy, generate PDF print form and other commands)
• implemented user interface to have relevant business logic components easily accessible by authorized users (utilizing Spring MVC, JSP/JSTL, jQuery)
• implemented new search GUI that allows users to compose advanced search queries by providing capability of searching on different document fields, filtering results by multiple parameters, sorting, pagination and results ranging by date interval
• developed dashboards for administrative users (system administrators and information card managers), including related business logic and GUI
• provided help and guidance to less experienced developers in the team
The system was successfully deployed to the production environment and is used by approximately 20 000 users from across the country.