Landing Pages For Your Business

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Landing Pages For Your Business

A landing page is any destination on your website where you visitors land when they visit the website. A visitor can be directed to a landing page via a social media link, online ad, email marketing or from other starting points. The main goal of a landing page is to provide specific information to the user so that conversion can be maximized. Landing pages should not have navigation to avoid distractions or unwanted clicks. They are usually hosted as part of your website or as a separate service by firms that specialize in the creation and hosting of landing pages.

Types And Benefits Of Landing Pages

Your landing page should seamlessly guide your visitors without distractions and encourage conversion. Below are two types of landing pages and their benefits to your business.

Lead Generation Landing Pages

A lead generation landing page is used collect useful information that can allow you to get contacts of your intended customer. Lead generation pages have a form for the customer to fill and the reason why the client should fill the form. The key importance of the lead generation page is to collect the prospective customer’s information. However, other benefits include:

  • Build an email list- Having an email list is essential for any business. The use of dedicated landing pages can help you get the email list you need. The landing page should offer a valuable pay off so that the user will be willing to offer his or her information. You can provide an item such as a product discount code, eBook, a whitepaper or a free shipping code.
  • Pre-sale advertising- Customers love to be the first to be aware in case you are launching a new product, or you have a pre-sale. Offering such notifications will encourage the customer to give their information, as they will feel special that they will be among the first to be aware before the information goes public.
  • Encourage customers to sign up- The page can offer a free trial for your products, which brings the potential customer closer to buying them. In any case, even if the customer cancels the subscription, you will still have their information in case you need to convince or communicate with them more.

Click-Through Landing Pages

A click-through landing page is designed to convince the user to click to another page. Such pages should have descriptions of products or services with the specific information to compel the user to take action. The benefits of such pages include:

  • Geo-targeting landing pages- Most of today’s businesses are found in one area but can provide services in other areas as well. For instance, if you have a pet grooming business whose headquarter is in New York, you can effectively advertise your services in other states by use of a geo-targeted landing page. The landing page will ensure that multiple web pages are created to target some areas in another location say Miami for instance. The page will attract visitors who are looking for a pet grooming service outside New York and will encourage them for a call of action such as contact the service provider. Geo-targeting landing pages are often part of the website sitemap so that users can easily find them during their searches.
  • Social media landing page- potential customers that use social media often or those who click on the advertisements on their social media pages are important and should have their landing pages.  Such customers do not want to be directed to your homepage but to a page that shows the specific product and with information that can cater to their needs. Such pages should have content that is ideal for a mindset of someone using a social media site. The page should also have minimal text and provide a preposition.
  • Service targeted landing pages- These pages are almost similar to the geo-targeted landing pages, but their focus is on a given service. For instance, if you sell pet food you might have a long list of pet foods that a visitor who is looking at cat food might not be interested in. By creating a page for each of the pet food, you maximize the chance that the customer will discover the page. This also makes it easier for the customer to navigate through the page.
  • E-commerce funnel landing page-This is an essential sales landing page. The goal of the e-commerce-landing page is to offer specific and enough details about the product to capture your visitor’s attention. The page should direct the visitor to the specific product that they are looking for and should have enough information about the product.
  • Email marketing landing page- Each of your email marketing campaign should have a landing page where visitors are linked to a page that gives detailed information about your product or service. The page should not have distractions in terms of cross-marketing information. Using email marketing and dedicated landing pages has been shown to increase conversation rates and build customer loyalty.

Building your businesses online presence is much more than coming up with a website. Landing pages can increase your sales, make a connection with your visitors and enhance your marketing efforts. If you are in need of a partner that can help create and host your landing pages, contact Guttulus for the best digital marketing services in the industry.