Late Night Development Learning is a Pain


It’s 1:00am… And I don’t have ice cream yet.  How is this real life?  I have two options, go to CVS and get ice cream and go to sleep… or stay home and do some mongo learning.  Mongo seems cool… I mean I only watch the first 1 minute introduction to it.  But it seems like something I want to learn.  They have a few more advance courses as well.  Which reminds me… I paid for several Udemy courses I haven’t even started yet.  The joys of being busy.

It’s amazing to code until the sunrise.  Poetic.  Insane.  Or a mixture of both.  The more I learn about Mongo the more I find it hilarious that our developers couldn’t explain it to me.  Only in developer language.  Super lame.  Mongo is not that complicated and it would behoove them to explain it to me in simple layman terms.  Nope… I have to learn it myself.  And take over said project.

Of course we can outsource it.  But that requires a higher level then my current outsource team can handle.  They couldn’t understand what I sent them…. If I were to be completely honest… they didn’t look at it.  They said it would take 5 hours to look at the database… it took about 1 minute for me to understand it.  Surprise!

My new philosophy is for me to understand it first.  And for my agency never to have another group of in house developers.  Outsourcing is fine…. assuming you find the right people to help you.  As a wise entrepreneur recently told me, it’s stupid to hire developers to be part of a startup.  I agree.  Failure doesn’t look good on anyone… but I especially hate the stench…  It rubs off on everything.

I’m glad, I’m here.  At this point.  It’s a new beginning.  And I had to learn the harsh realities of development. Developers will take advantage of you, unless you understand code.  You have to be able to call them out on their mistakes and natural tendency to build an “easier” project.  It’s a shame really.  They were offered equity… and they wanted money.  I didn’t expect them to understand my vision for the product…. but what they developed… in PPC terms was a nightmare.  So bad they had to wipe both of their laptops.  Since that’s common practice… wiping out the operating systems of company property….  I wonder…   They fault me tooth and nail.  And eventually I gave up fighting with them…  that was 100 percent my fault.  I should have been way meaner.  Not everyone has the same passion as you do… some people just want to do a 9-5, have 2 weeks of vacation, and collect a large paycheck.  That’s okay… but that’s not me.