Late Night Owl

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For whatever reasons I work extremely well late at night.  It started in Middle School.  I figured out a system where I could take a nap after dinner for 2 hours and work late into the night without suffering in the morning.  It was sort of a trade.  I would trade 2 hours from 7pm-9pm for the ability to work until 4am.  Instead of sleeping for 8 hours I would only need 6 on a weekday.  And maybe 8-10 hours on weekends to catch up.  This was immensely useful in High School, where 7pm-9pm was sort of a lull in activity.

In college I figured out something even more interesting.  If I took two 2 hour naps (haha I made sure my class schedule would allow this), most nights I wouldn’t even really need sleep.  This continued until I started working part time and then I to change my schedule.

And law school….  Where sleep really is a premium.  My cat naps proved extremely useful.  I was the President of the Intellectual Property Organization, American Constitution Organization, and a Legal Fraternity.  As well… as having titles on 2 law journals.  And doing work for Professors and volunteering to help immigrants not be deported.  Also animal shelters.

Now that I’m much older, I still enjoy the late night coding binges.  There’s something exhilarating knowing that you are progressing while most people are sleeping.  I can’t logically explain it, but I can say the thing I miss most about living in New York City is being able to find a study buddy who is as owl like as I am.

I think marketing is a really good fit for me.  Since most of my learning happens between midnight and 3am.  While it’s getting harder to do, I still really enjoy grinding out the night.  And before you say I’m a vampire… I’m not.  Since I get as much time in the day as most people.  I just have more time at night.