How to Learn Google AdWords; and How it Will Boost Your Business


How to Learn Google AdWords; and How it Will Boost Your Business

Potential customers are looking for you; you must leave clues or footprints online so that they can find you! Google AdWords helps by establishing that footprint, and it works together with online marketing and organic SEO. For a small business owner, it is critical to learn Google AdWords, or delegate this marketing task to an experienced AdWords marketing pro.

What can AdWords do for a small business?

The most significant thing that AdWords can do is level the playing field for your business online.

When a prospect, or even a current customer, is searching for a specific service, product or promotion, they typically use Google. If you are using AdWords, no matter how much competition there is, AdWords will get you found if you use the proper keywords.

AdWords drives traffic

For small businesses, Google AdWords is typically quite successful at driving traffic to your site, marketing your products and services and increasing sales. In fact, Google AdWords allows you to compete with bigger companies that have been around for a long time. Done properly, AdWords will get your message out to your target market, at exactly the right time.

AdWords boosts organic SEO

However, as a small business attempting to get to page one of Google organically, (by optimizing your site and offering up great content), you need to understand that you are competing with big companies and very experienced SEO experts.

One of AdWords best features, you can target very specific keywords. For instance, not just “laptops”, but “factory refurbished Dell laptops”. Can you see how much more interest the second type of keyword phrase would bring as opposed to the first?

AdWords reaches your local market

Geo-targeting ensures that messages you send to your local market are consistently seen by those people in your local area. It also allows you to show those local customers your exact location, and your contact information, so it is easy for them to find you and to call you!

AdWords allows you to go mobile

Mobile devices are now the way that most people access the Internet, so you need to reach out to those mobile customers on their platform of choice.

How can you learn to use AdWords correctly?

There are several ways to learn how to use Google AdWords, and there is a certification test that is available as well. While getting certified probably is not tops on your to-do list, learning your way around AdWords will increase your understanding of SEO, keywords and online marketing in general. Therefore, the training is helpful for any small business owner or marketer. Here are a few ways to learn Google AdWords:

Google Essential AdWords Courses

Google’s own learning tools are among the tools we highly recommend. After all, who knows the product better than the creator? Their courses cover a broad range and offer lessons based on experience tiers, from beginner to intermediate, and finally advanced.


If you’ve gone through the Google courses and need more, WordStream offers PPC University, with several courses on different topics to give you more in-depth knowledge and understanding. You will learn more about click-through rates, conversion rate optimization, guides on advertising text, cost-per-click, cost-per-action and quality scores. What’s more, you will learn how each of these pieces fits into the puzzle. By PPC 102, you’ll be learning about negative keywords, extensions, landing pages and A/B testing. There are also advanced courses if you’re a seasoned AdWords professional.


Udemy has an AdWords for Beginners course that is quite comprehensive; it spans 44 topics and is a very thorough course that introduces AdWords to those who are new to it. The Udemy course includes screen casts of a live account so that you understand the actual practice of how things work.

The Lynda learning platform offers an AdWords Essential Training of their own, and if you learn well by watching video tutorials, this might be the perfect way for you to learn AdWords. This course is mostly for beginners and offers a step-by-step guide to getting started from beginning to end.  It includes several hours of videos broken down into easy-to-digest pieces.

There are many more resources available, of course, including hundreds of books on the subject and innumerable blog posts about different aspects of AdWords. However, we feel that any one of the platforms listed will give you a good basic understanding of AdWords that will serve you well as you delve deeper.